Monday, February 22, 2010

It's better to be lucky than good

I played in my monthly WSOP league and was knocked out a little over half way through and stepped up to the cash tables.

It's a 1/2 game and just about everybody buys in short. I looked around the table and I bought in for just $40 figuring I will get some chips or go home. Well, that happened a little sooner than I thought.

My very first hand, I am UTG. I look down and have JJ. I raise to $6. folded to BB who is an ok player when sober; but by this time of the night, he is not sober. He raises to $20. I look down and I still have pocket Jacks. I say, it looks like it is one and done for me. I'm all in. He insta calls and tables KK (not suited).

Dealer turns over the first card of flop and it is a K. I stand up. Next card J. We all go woooooo... next card, the case Jack. Two face cards followed on the turn and river to make it exciting. Turns out the the last K was the first burn card.

Not a real big pot; but it is better to be lucky than good.

A little later on, I have pocket fives and raise it up (who wouldn't?) and get called 3 ways. J3K.. checked around... turn... J... I check and an obvious smell weakness and bet guy bets out pot. Everybody folds and I call. The river was a K. I check and he fires out 3/4ish pot. I think for about 5 seconds and call. He mucks and I show my fives.

He goes.. bad play; but good call. I go "oh really"? yes, that was a terrible play.. but it was a good call. For whatever reason, I said, I guess nobody notices how you bet every time it gets checked to you? He says that he doesn't know; but that was a bad play. It's losing play. I give up and say thanks for the tip.

Live poker.. you gotta love it!!!


Amazing Hockey game last night. USA!!!!USA!!!!USA!!!!USA!!!!USA!!!!USA!!!!USA!!!!USA!!!!
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