Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Be-LEE-ve or not

As predicted, Lee is your American Idol.

Did America get it right? Probably not. Time will tell.

Crystal will be the bigger star.

Have a nice day!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Apparently size DOESN'T Matter

I was stoked to have my first outing to the golf course this past Saturday and then that followed by a home game. I did have a graduation party and birthday party in between; but that is inconsequential as it was bookended by Golf and p0ker.

So I get up at 5:30 and get ready to leave for golf. As I am driving to meet some guys and I start getting this huge pain in my lower back. To keep the story short, anybody who has had a kidney stone before knows exactly what that pain was. So, I knew right away what it was.

I still drove to the meeting place and tried to shake it off. No luck and off to the hospital I went where the confirmed what I already knew and gave me some good drugs.

Sure enough it was a kidney stone and it was a whopping 2 mm big. I'm not sure what that means in relation to how big kidney stones normally are; but it seems pretty freaking small to me. For something that small to give me so much pain in is amazing; so size DOESN't matter. I ended up missing my golf and p0ker. Now, that is a bad beat in my opinion.

BTW, I'm sorry to disappoint everybody with title of post.

So my Super Turbo SNG experiment is now 158 games. While things have gotten better, I still continue to get the sick beats which of course is part of the game; but it has really been brutal. Again, the red line is the All In EV Line.

Also, for whatever reason, I have start playing 6 max limit poker on PokerStars lately. Why? I have no idea. It definitely brings back the memories of the good old days.

Have a nice day!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Time to end Super Tubro Experiment? And I am a Rakeback Amatuer

Ok.. Maybe it is time to give up the Super Turbo Experiment. Red line is All in EV.

Good Times!!!

138 Tournies this month

Only 26.8 ITM

-16% ROI

On the flip side, I am having a consistent month at the cash games. NOT!!!!!

On the bright side, I am positive (a whopping $2.80) over the almost 30,000 hands. The big blind continues to my Achilles heel. I am positive at every position with the exception of big blind.
I guess you could you call me a rakeback amateur.
Have a good weekend. I am playing golf for the first time this year and playing in a home game (both on Saturday) so it should be a fun weekend anyway.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

LOL Blogger Donkaments

After making final table the last 2 week in the Monday Poker at the Rail tourney, I played last night hoping to make it a trifecta.

After chipping up nicely in the early going, this is what happened.

Hand #1
Full Tilt Poker Poker from the Rail No Limit Hold'em Tournament - t30/t60 Blinds - 8 players -
The Official Hand History Converter

MP1: t2015 M = 22.39
MP2: t2145 M = 23.83
CO: t940 M = 10.44
Hero (BTN): t4120 M = 45.78
SB: t2770 M = 30.78
BB: t4090 M = 45.44
UTG: t5885 M = 65.39
UTG+1: t1825 M = 20.28

Pre Flop: (t90) Hero is BTN with Qh Ac
4 folds, CO raises to t210, Hero raises to t660, 2 folds, CO calls t450

Flop: (t1410) 2d 8d Ad (2 players)
CO bets t280 all in, Hero calls t280

Turn: (t1970) 3d (2 players - 1 is all in)

River: (t1970) 8s (2 players - 1 is all in)

Final Pot: t1970
CO shows 9d Kd (a flush, Ace high)
Hero shows Qh Ac (two pair, Aces and Eights)
CO wins t1970

And the very next hand against the very same villain.

Hand #2
Full Tilt Poker Poker from the Rail No Limit Hold'em Tournament - t30/t60 Blinds - 8 players -
The Official Hand History Converter

UTG+1: t2015 M = 22.39
MP1: t2145 M = 23.83
MP2: t1970 M = 21.89
Hero (CO): t3180 M = 35.33
BTN: t2740 M = 30.44
SB: t4030 M = 44.78
BB: t5885 M = 65.39
UTG: t1825 M = 20.28

Pre Flop: (t90) Hero is CO with Jh Th
3 folds, MP2 raises to t210, Hero calls t210, 3 folds

Flop: (t510) Tc Kc As (2 players)
MP2 bets t210, Hero calls t210

Turn: (t930) Ts (2 players)
MP2 bets t1550 all in, Hero calls t1550

River: (t4030) 9h (2 players - 1 is all in)

Final Pot: t4030
MP2 shows Js Qd (a straight, Ace high)
Hero shows Jh Th (three of a kind, Tens)
MP2 wins t4030

Hand #3
Full Tilt Poker Poker from the Rail No Limit Hold'em Tournament - t60/t120 Blinds - 7 players -
The Official Hand History Converter

CO: t3565 M = 19.81
BTN: t4437 M = 24.65
SB: t7185 M = 39.92
Hero (BB): t1630 M = 9.06
UTG: t3920 M = 21.78
UTG+1: t6385 M = 35.47
MP: t2533 M = 14.07

Pre Flop: (t180) Hero is BB with As Qs
4 folds, BTN raises to t300, 1 fold, Hero raises to t1630 all in, BTN calls t1330

Flop: (t3320) 9h Ad 4c

Turn: (t3320) 8d

River: (t3320) 6h

Final Pot: t3320
BTN shows Ah 6s (two pair, Aces and Sixes)
Hero shows As Qs (a pair of Aces)
BTN wins t3320

The worst part is neither of these villains took my chips to the final table.

I went out a little after 1st break.

Have a nice day!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

American Idol

Similar to this post last year, I correctly picked Your American Idol at 8/1.

Well, this year, the odds are not so great.

Casey James is 10/1

Crystal Bowersox 4/5

Lee Dawyze 6/5

Last week, it came to me that Lee Dawyze is going to be your American Idol. I forgot to look at odds. I look at them now and it is no where as juicy as Kris Allen was last year at 8/1. In truth, I just can't buy an even money pick.

Why do I think Lee will win. Well, similar to last year. Casey is almost 100% to go this week. Where do his votes go to? I feel it is Lee.

Unlike last year, I like all 3 of these so it really doesn't matter to me.


Still struggling in poker; but hopefully some poker posts coming soon.

Have a nice day!!!!

Monday, May 03, 2010

What's Worse

What is worse?

Having your second worse month ever or Holdem Manager saying that you running good by about 4 buyins?

Non Poker:

How about that guy betting 100K on Kentucky Derby.... and winning. That's a nice little 800K profit.

Non Sports.

Highlight of my weekend.

Listening to my 3 year singing while listening to her ipod with headphones on and trying to figure out which song it is. Unfortunatley, she sings like her mom and I so it wasn't easy ;-) Having said that, I think I could listen to that all day long.
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