Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lost Idol

I think one of the best things ever invented was the Tivo/DVR. I don't specifically have Tivo, I have Dish Network's DVR. As a matter of fact, I have 2 Dish Network DVRs. One for me and one for Mrs Wonka. I know, pretty lame; but that is how we roll. I now almost never watch live TV and it is great. This even counts for sporting events. Watching football games in hour hour is great. Commercials are a thing of the past for me. You just got a love it.

So, speaking of sports, Game 1 of the NBA Western Conference Finals are on. Cool. I'll just set the DVR and watch it when baby and Mrs Wonka go to bed. Now, I must say that I'm not a very big NBA fan. I love the college game; but that has never transcended to the pro game. Anyway, I went on vacation to Phoenix last summer and since them, I have kind of adopted them as my team. No rhyme or reason. The Celtics were "my" team before... mostly because my dad liked them. I can usually tolerate the NBA once it gets down to the finals. I can tolerate almost anything when it gets down to the best vs the best.

OK then, so I go to set the recorder to record the game and Mrs Wonka has already set it record American Idol and something else on MY DVR. She said she was already recording Lost and something else on hers. I was a little ticked. Again, not a huge fan and it is only game one afterall; but wouldn't of it been great to see Steve Nash pull his heroics. Yes, I could have recorded the end of the game; but I didn't. My bad.

Speaking of Lost. I've been a little disappointed over the past couple of episodes and that carried over to the season finale. I mean, come on. How many subplots can you put into a show until it becomes overkill. So, my review of last nights Lost was ehh. Mrs Wonka liked it so there you have it. She then goes down to watch Idol. And then she says... I just wanted to watch the last five minutes to see who won. HUH???? You took 2 hours of MY DVR to watch the last 5 minutes? OK, OK.. she did end up watching most of it. I'm just glad that it is over with now.

With the weather getting nice, I'm glad that most of the shows are over now. It's going to be a nice hot weekend for the kiddies here in St Louis when they open the pools.

Oh yeah poker. More of the same. down another $150. Was down $300. closed down my remaining two 3/6 tables and opened up one 5/10 and doubled through there and just quit.

A couple of interesting hands in the category of "Things that make you go hmmmm"

First, KK Capped Flop 4 players. Axx flop. I capped, so I lead out. raise and a cold call. 1 fold. Big pot so I peel one. Turn A... Hmmm.. I check. Next guy bets, next guy raises. OK, I quit. Fold. I don't remember River.. but it was AJ vs AT. I never did go to Poker Stove to find out how much I was ahead with only 2 Aces being out there preflop... and then both of them showing up on the board. Very typcial of the ways things have been going. I just looked up my KK over the last 2 months. A whopping 78% of the time an Ace showed up on the flop or Turn. I didn't lose all of those; but I certainly ran scared a bit.

Second. QQ. Capped preflop with 4 players. AKJ flop. Since I capped, I led out and got raised by maniac. At this point, I am so frustrated that I just go to call down mode and will make the crying calls. I kept checking and he kept betting and I kept calling. Good news is that he chased everybody else out and only had JT. I had to do a double take when the chips came my way. It was a nice piece of good luck in the midst of all of my bad luck. Unfortunately, it was pretty much my only good luck last night.

I went back to my more aggressive self last night and it was a bit more enjoyable; but results weren't there; but overall happy with the session and overall decisions made during the session.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Another Pet Peeve

I posted earlier in the week about what puts you on tilt. Well, I forgot something that doesn't necessarily put me on tilt; but makes me the maddest. You know, if you could just put your hand through the monitor and wring the guys neck. Here's the situation. Playing in a SNG. Not big stakes or anything so it is anything goes. I get AJo on the button. MP limper and I raise 3-4x. Flop comes 4J8. MP puts a bet out there in which I raise. Turn comes 8 and he checks.. I go all in. This guy had a history of calling down to the river and then folding. I didn't want him to draw out on me so I decide to go all in with top pair. He waits about 10 seconds and then turns over 88 for quads. I don't think there is anything else I hate worse in poker than people who slow roll their made hands. It's kind of like:

-Sitting at home plate and watching your home run if you are a major leaguer.
-Celebrating anything in football other than a touchdown.. such as a QB sack when your team is down by 3 scores
-Shooting 3 pointers when you have a 30 pt lead
-taking walks in softball when your team is up 15

Yeah, kind of like that.

Now, I rarely say anything; but when he turned over his quads, I simply said...
Nice slow roll pal.....
He says... go back to your chocolate factory..
(ok funny enough.. but I wasn't going to give him anything) Did you have to think about that call?
He says.. I did it on purpose to piss you off.... it worked...
I said... not really... over it now... nh... and gl to you..

Showboating just doesn't have a place in sports; but what can you do? It is what it is.

I do have to admit I got a pretty nice chuckle when a few hands later his QQ got beat by a rivered flush. He didn't have much to say that time.

Anyway.. another abbreviated session as I just wanted to make my required hands for the Iron Man Challenge at Full Tilt. I did that plus a few more playing 248 hands. It was another winning session; albeit another small one at $75. Again, I am happy with a winning session and playing a little tighter while I work through it. I played 1.27 hours so if I can't be happy with a $60/hr win rate then maybe I am just getting a little greedy.

I also tried my hand at the Full Tilt 12.5K gurantee with 979 others. I was holding my own through the first hour and a half at just above average most of the way. Made a bad read and came over the top of somebody with my middle pair. He did have top pair with a weak kicker but called. That pretty much crippled me. I went all in from the cutoff with 33 only to run into the SB who went all in and the BB went over the top all in... Oops... SB turned over AQ.. hmm I have a chance... but BB turned over QQ and took it down. Dang!!!! I went out in 200th.

Have a nice day!!!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Days of Thunder

I think I finally can capsule-ize how I am feeling right now. Did anybody ever see that dorky Tom Cruise movie where he played a race car driver. Was it him or the other guy that got in a bad crash and then had nerve problems. I find myself in the same situation... especially preflop and also on the River.

For example, my stats tonight based on 246 hands were 24.39/13.01/5.00. I ended up with a whopping $26.50 which again seems like a million dollars these days. So I am still seeing way fewer hands. The real stat is that I folded to blind steals 64% and attempted to steal 33%. I haven't done any history checks on this one; but that seems really low the steal attempts and really high on the blind defense. What kind of numbers do you like to see there? Anyway, I cut the session short and just called it a night more or less breaking even.

I have also been gunned down so often on the river that when a scare card comes, I am checking it down with or without position. That is a definite weakness and I have to work on it.

A couple of tidbits to get off my chest tonights play just again so you can feel sorry for me... ha..
In a battle of the blinds, my KK lost to AA. Nice... A little later on, my Aces were cracked by JJ when he turned his set. AK was of course taking down by KQ on an King high flop when he turned his second pair. OK, OK.. enough whining already.


Had a little discussion at the home game on poker terminology. It is very trivial; but nonetheless it came up. What is the difference between trips and a set. I've always gone with the notion that a set is when your pocket pair hit and trip is where there is a pair on the board and you have the third to make your trips. Like I say, it is very trivial. Feel free to weigh in on your opinion on this one.

By the way Fluff took down yet another victory. Congrats.. and also congrats to Webster for finishing second and cashing for the first time. Webster is the one that more or less did me in when he called my signature check raise on the turn with an opened ended straight which of course hit on the river. Nice Call... wimp..


I have mentioned that I will probably look for some coaching sites. On a suggestion by Donkey Hunter, I believe I am going to subscribe to This is one of the few training sites out that has videos on limit holdem. Thanks Dave for the suggestion.


First, let's start with some good news.. unfortunately, not for me though. I want to give my upmost congratulations to fellow Show-Me Stater Rizen for taking down yet another big tourney. This one being the Stars Million for a over 150K. Also scoring 8K in the UB150K. This guy is a machine and it is awesome watching him post win after win. Go check out his blog and sit in awe.

Now, for the bad news. Although, it is the same old story. Another weekend has past and another 1K has vanished from my bankroll. This makes the tally almost 60% of the bankroll. It is just so sad to build back the bankroll over a 3 month stretch only to watch it disappear over 2 months. As you will do when going badk, I changed things up on Sunday and tightened up a bit seeing only bout 29% of the flops and raising preflop only 9.5% of the time. My agression was still there as I played my good hands and good draws hard; but unfortunatley, the same results ensued. I will have around $600 coming from rakeback which will help. It is sad to see that money as the only gains that I am making playing poker. Is it bad when you cringe when your flop a straight or 2 pair? Because that is what I do now because I know I am going to sling a slew of chips in the middle and the results might not be what I was hoping for. I cringe when I see 99-KK. same thing.

So, where do I go from here? Well, for sure, I am going to complete the Iron Man Challenge playing limit poker at Full Tilt. Other than that, I just don't know. I played a $20 HU match and won that last night and played in an SNG for a 2nd place finish. Truth be told, pretty much all of my success has come from the tourney tables. Why on earth do I continue to play ring play? Even more so, why do I continue to play limit ring play? Even my recent try at NL Ring play didn't work. Obviously, tournies take up a bunch more of your time (not counting SNGs) and usually don't pay off unless you make the final table or you are Rizen.

So we will see; but I believe I see more tournaments in my future. I also see more training in my future. I will try out (finally) Poker Academy and I will also check out sites like Cardrunners or PokerMentors or something similar. I've raised the poker alert to DefCon3 and now am asking for re-enforcments (which is the training sites). Does anybody have any reccomendations here? There is plenty out there on NL and tourney play; but has anybody seen anything on mid level limit play?

When playing 3 or 4 tables, I think you truly rely on your crutches. Those crutches being Poker Tracer and PokerAce HUD. You still do see enough to be able to base your moves; but the force that actually makes you follow through on your reads are your PT stats. The good news is that my reads have been spot on after the flop; but have been paying off the other streets when I can simply cannot believe that somebody drew out again on me. Mostly, I'm talking about when my 2nd pair is good. It's obviously easier to play top pair; but there are sometimes difficult decisions to make when you don't have the nuts. I have also been hesitant to fire that last bullet on the river when I am drawing only to find out that the other guy was drawing as well and wins with his Ace high or something.

Sometimes, though, the reads aren't so good. I'm in the SB with QdQs. 2 or 3 limpers including button who is 72%er. I of course raise and hate to see 5 of 6 players seeing a flop. Good news, flop comes AdQc4d. I bet out and only a couple stay. Turn comes a scare card.. another diamond. Obviously, I'm losing to the flush; but I am drawing to the second nuts. I again bet out. Everybody is out except for button who raises me. Now, I have seen many, many flushes made on me during my downturn so I could simply fold. I think there are probably arguments for every option, calling, raising, folding. Can you guess which option I took? If you guess Raise, you are right. I have 2nd nut flush options not to mention full house possibilities. Button reraises and I have to call now hoping for another diamond or pairing the board, preferably the K of diamonds. River brings that diamond and I bet out and get raised again. No way!!! Raise.. Cap... Button had K8s and takes down a pretty big pot.

I don't know who Mr Murphy is; but I sure have subscribed to his rules. I would rather punch him in the nose. At this point, I am not giving up; but I think I know what the passengers felt like on the Titanic a few hours after they hit the iceberg. Wish me luck..

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Change up

OK... Ring play is not cutting it so I decided to play in a Full Tilt 17K (I think) guarantee tonight... you know to change things up. I've been running so bad that it couldn't hurt... Just changed to 2nd blind level. I've only played one hand and folded it on the flop. This time I get AK and it is 5 players in a 4x raised pot. Flop comes AA7. Nice!!!! Let's slow play this... what's that? EP is going all in... cool... I call... uh oh.. player after me moves all in as well.... no other callers... First guy has AJ... cool.... second player 77... IGHN... And the hits just keep coming and coming..

By the way, I was playing ring play. You didn't think I'd really not play, right? I have 8 more days to qualify for the Full Tilt IronMan Iron Level Freeroll. Anyway, doing ok... But right when I busted out of tournament; my luck went back to where it had been the last 2 months.

AK on K high board loses to rivered flush... AQ on Q52 board loses to 55.. J8s on 63J58 loses to 33.. 77 button steal on 56J59 board loses to 54.. J4 in BB on JJ7T5 board loses to 98... so just like that I go from up 10BB to down 10BB; but somehow I managed to eek out a $150 winning night less my $26 tourney buy in. That feels like 1 million dollars now... That is actually 2 winning sessions in a row... OK, the first one was only $14... buy hey.. I'll take it.

It also looks like I'm averaging about 10-12 dollars/hr in rakeback. That will certainly help pad some of the losses. Again, if you are not getting paid to play, I encourage you to take a look at ThisIsTheNuts. Just click the link or the banner over on the right. It is definitely worth it as I have made almost $500 so far this month which works out to be $12.58/hr. It really does help.


The only thing worse than going through a bad streak is when you see your other blogging buddies going through similar bad streaks. CC over at Quest of a Closet Poker Player is going through a similar streak. Well, CSquared, let's hope we have found that bottom. I'm hoping I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel... hopefully, it's not a train.


I wanted pimp 92offfsuit one more time as they have been putting out some nice thought provoking Poker Theory questions... Things on hand examples in defending blinds... missing flops... preflop situations.. The comments have dropped lately and would love to see other peoples take on these situations.


Home poker game tonight and I will be debuting my new HU3 card protector compliments of the Poison. Thanks again V... and when is HU4?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What Puts you on Tilt

For the most part, I am tilt free. I may get mad and throw something or yell at the monitor; but for the most part, I am good to go when the next hand comes along; but is there anything that you say over and over that just completely gets under you skin? I have one; but as usual, I ain't telling yet. Let's try to think of the things that makes steam come out of our ears...

How about the guy who sees any and all flops. Yes, the 80% who comes to play. Inevitably, this guy will be hitting everything with things like 83o, J5s, etc... but when you have a hand, Mr 80% happens to be dealt Aces... Yes, that happen to me tonight... but that's not what eats my craw.. I just grin and bear it.

How about the guy who plays any suited cards. Who cares that he is UTG and has 94s. Who cares that you have AK and hit K on flop only to lose to the flush on the river. Yes, that happened to me tonight; but again, that doesn't boil my bunyans. Yes, I want to play against these guys...(he says while he grinds his teeth). Afterall, we beat these guys in the long run. I just wish somebody would be define the long run.

How about when the BB specials hit against you. When that T6 hits the second pair on the river to beat your overpair. Yes, that happened to me tonight; but that it is not what defrosts my freezer. Afterall, we all hit the BB specials. That's poker.

How about the maniac that will play anything and hits his runner, runner gutshot straight on river to crack your un-golden set. Yes, that happened to me tonight and that IS the thing that makes me want to jump out the window. Albeit, I am down at the 3/6 levels these days while I work past my down time; but this is certainly not unique to 3/6 as I've seen it over and over in 15/30 games.

So what is it that sets you off (if anything)? While I mentioned hitting gutshots as my cryptonite to being tilt proof, this happening once in a while doesn't really effect me. It is just when you couple it with others and have a consecutive gut shots hit against you that just roasts my rooster tails. Again, I'm able to gain composure pretty quickly and recover.


I want to thank the comments in my last post. It really does help. Anything that people can see that I might be doing helps. I do usually have some kind of rhyme or reason to why I do things; but as we all know, I can be way off in left field sometimes.

Another amazing night tonight; but at least I finished break even for the night which feels a lot better. The night started with my very first hand being AK... I get A on flop and play it only to lose to AJ who spiked his J on the river. All I can say to myself is here we go again.

I can definitely see the more timid play in my game as here are my stats from the night:

512 Hands
25.00 VPIP
9.38 PFR
2.35 AF
.46 bb/100

I will say that I did not get a ton of premium hands which did keep my VPIP down. Also, I will say that I have cut down a lot of blind steals and blind defenses for the short term. This will have a direct impact on my success; but should also lessen the swings which is what the doctor ordered right now.

Funny thing tonight, I had Q2o on all 4 tables at the same time tonight right at the beginning of my session. Of course, I folded them all.

There have been some nice posts over at 92offsuit. They are having some interesting preflop scenarios conversations that are worth a look. As usual, I am way off in my reads. Not so bad today, though.


I would like to finish out my table from last night. We left off with me being down 16.5BB after just 37 hands.

Again, any help or comments would be greatly appreciated...">

42BBK5o-27CH3 PL see 62K.. I check raise maniac (78%).. He 3bets, I cap.. Turn Q.. I bet he raises and I call.. River 4.. I check call and lose to K6o. I always struggle when to believe a maniac.
43SB75o-3CallAll 5 see flop of 2K8.. I check fold
44ButAJo-9Open RBoth Blnds Call and see Q4T flop.. SB leads out and we both call… Turn T.. Checked around River..2c which brings flush draw.. Checked around and BB wins with Q9o. SB had K9s.. 49% fav preflop.. Oh well
45UTG+1A4s-3CallJust Call and fold to bet on J6T flop
47BBJ9o-3CH3PL.. And fold to Turn bet on A62K board
48SB98o-12Call3PL..TJJ Flop.. Check Call.Turn 5.. Ch Call.. River. 8 Check Check.. Lose to T2s (BB)
51UTGAKs12.5Open R3PL.. 9A6 board.. Bet.. 2 Callers.. Turn 4. Bet and both fold
52BBATo-3CHAll 5 see flop of K69.. Checked around to see Turn of 2h.. UTG (Aqo) leads out, I and 2 other fold.. River is 9h.. SB wins with 88.. No need to get jiggy perflop with 4 limpers
53SB62o-42CallAgain all 5 see flop of 6c7c6d. I check. Maniac from above leads out and gets 3 callers.. Turn Js.. I check raise.. Maniac 3bets and I cap… River Ks.. I bet an call raise and lose to JJ. Maniac limped with JJ and it worked.. Thoughts????
54ButAQo15Open RWin small pot on 577Q7 board… only maniac sticks around
58BBT4oF PFRNote.. Maniac with 93s from button calls PFR and beats Q8 and and AQ on board of 77K84 with rivered flush
59SB85o-9CallBB raises and I call see flop of 246.. 4 PL.. Turn 2h.. I check fold
61CutKJs-18R2 callers.. Flop K24. Maniac bets out and I raise he calls.. Turn.. 2. I bet he calls.. River T.. He calls my bet with T2o for a runner runner boat and again did not raise. He might feel sorry for me at this point
64BB75o-9Call RUTG (25/13) raise and I call along with maniac. Defending blind. Flop of J96. I call bet.. I fold to Turn bet
65SBK3s-30Call4PL… Flop 6hJhAs (I have hearts)..I lead out and get raised by BB.. 2 callers and I 3bet.. All call. Turn 8s.. I lead and get raised again… LAG (64/16) calls and I again 3 bet.. River Ts.. I give up and check fold… BB loses with Ac8c to LAG who has 76s... Overplayed???? I can't call river can I???
66ButA8o-11.5Open RDidn't get Rebuy in time before flop… only BB calls to see 67Q flop.. I'm all in on turn and lose to QJo
68UTGQToFOnly 4 players now
69BBT9oCH2 PL.. Flop Q35. Check Check.. Turn 2d Check fold.. I'm gunshy.
70SBTT-24RManiac limps I raise and BB calls.. To see flop of 9sQs6s (I have spade) I lead out and get raised and I 3 bet… Turn Qc. I again lead out and call raise.. River Js.. I check call and lose to Qh9h.. Can I get away from this?
74BBT2o-3CH4PL. See flop of K6T.. I check fold to bet and call.. Maniac ends up losing with K7 to new LAG who has K6
75SB63s-18Call4 PL see flop of 399 I bet out and get called by button… Turn Kc giving me flush draw.. I bet out and get called by new 55%er.. River Jh.. I bet and get called by A3s
76But88-3only $3 left.. Call it a night on this table.. Down 55BB

Thanks and have a good night..

Monday, May 15, 2006

I'm about to Lose my Mind

Has it really been a month since I last posted? Wow, how time flies. Unfortunately, I have not been having fun. We'll get to that in a minute; but first I would like to thank the folks (cc, pokerpeaker , LilAcornMan ) for inquiring about my blogging. I really appreciate it.

As I mentioned last time out (I think), I got a new job and it has been keeping me busy. Just recently, have I had chance to start reading some blogs again at lunch time; but unfortunately, I do not get to read very many and mostly I just scan them.

There has been some really good stuff out there and I hope to start reading and commenting more.

To say that I am running bad would be a gross understatement. Let's review the brief history of willwonka. I started, like many, after watching Moneymaker win the series in 03. I played fun money for a while; but finally got the nerve to put $60 into PokerStars. I did not know about bonues, rakeback, affiliattes... any of that stuff. I was as green as you could be. Anyway, as I haven mentioned in my blog in the early days, I had some success and by the end of the year, that number was up to $9,334. By August, it was up to $14,000. I then went to 15/30 and watched the bankroll go down to $5,800 by mid December. Yes, I ran bad. Maybe played over my head. Who knows. Anyway, I went back and studied things and gave 6max a whirl starting at 2/4 and 3/6. Things went great and by March 06, I had built it back up to $12,600. I was feeling somewhat invincible and again moved up limits and history repeated itself and I found myself at 10K by Mid April. I dropped back down to 3/6 and 5/10 and things have continued to deteriorate as my bankroll has shrunk to $6,100 after tonights $300 loss.

Here are some clues that things are going bad:

I am playing in a SNG. It is still in the 1st blind level. I look down to KK. A few limps and a raise in front of me. I, of course, re-reraise. Limper fold and raiser bumps it again. I suspect AA (afterall, I know that things aren't going my way these days) but push all in anyway. Sure enough he turns over AA. I see a beautiful K on the flop; but by the time the river had come, there were 4 hearts on board and he had the Ace. About 5 hands later, I get the same KK in the BB. Small raise in front of me and of course I push. He calls and turns over AA and IGHN.

Blogger Special in Reverse. Later on during Ring play, I get AA and a 80%er plays along and cracks my Aces on the river with 72. But it was sooooooted. I'm sure there are many bloggers out there that appreciate the hammer being dropped on Aces; but at the time, I wasn't so happy. A little later, same guys cracks my aces again with J5o when his second pair came on river.

So my plan is not to fill this post with bad beats as that as obvious when somebody drops 6K in two months. The plan is to figure out a plan as I don't have one.

I've never been one to over evaluate my play as usually, the long run takes care of itself.

So the first thing I'm going to do is just to a quick glance at my Poker Tracker Stats during my winning streak and during my current losing streak.

OK.. From 12-8-05 thru 3-18-06

31,800 hands

My best level was 10/20 and 3/6
My worst was 5/10

From 3/19 to Current:

16,500 Hands


I didn't have a best unless you call winning $20 at 3/6 Euro over 433 hands.
My worst this time around was 10/20.

OK, maybe a little bit more aggressive during the winning streak; but not much. I can tell you 100% that your confidence and thusly, your aggression goes down after repeated beats.

Another thing I can tell you that similarly to golf and other sports, you try to do some things differently and you probably lose a grasp of the fundamentals.

In an attempt to review hands, I am going to do something that I did before. I am going to post some hands and open myself up to comments. I played 4 tables tonight and here is the breakdown:



At first peek, it looks like tight play is rewarded; but that is not typically the case in short handed play. I am going to detail Table 1 first. Here we go.

At first, let's look at the players. I now can see that I am not sitting at a good spot on the table.
To my immediate left is a 22% who never raised. To his left (2 to my left) was maniac (78% who also didn't raise). Of course, I want him to my left. To my immediate right was a 64%/15 guy. To his right was 56%. So pretty high VPIPs but pretty passive. Dreamy, eh?

Here is the partial list...">

1BBJTo-3CHFold to Flop bet on 763 board
2SB96s-1.5F PFR
4CutAKo-15Open RSB (56%) 3bets and I cap. 4 see flop of J73. checks around to button who bets and 2 callers. Turn 6.. Checked around to button who bets and is check raised by SB. I fold. SB wins with QQ. I didn't hit flop and with 4 people statying around on a capped preflop, I was out.
6BB32s-12CHAll 5 see flop of 432. I lead out and button (maniac) raises. I 3 bet.. 2 PL now. Turn.. 5.. I check fold. The only card I did not want to see. I suspect Ace and fold. Could have drawn for boat; but when you are going bad, you don't expect much and wasn't really getting odds.
7SBJ7o-1.5F PFRJ high flop… who knows
10BBJ2o-9CHCheck 3PL see Q49 of diam. I have J. Checked around. Turn 5d.. I check call.. Initial plan was to check raise.. Again when running bad… you just assume worst. River Tc.. Checked around. Maniac on button checked the nuts (Ad). This could be foreshadowing
12ButKQo-15RManiac limps, I raise.. 3 PL see 962 flop. Maniac Bets and I raise and he 3 bets and I call.. 2 PL.. Turn 7s.. I fold to bet.. Yes, wimpy. Thoughts?
13CutA3oFAgain wimpy…
15BB33-3CHCheck 4PL.. 79K.. Checked aroudn Turn A.. I fold to bet
16SBA5o-3CallJust Call.. JJ9 flop.. Checked around.. Turn T. Check Fold… Table seems passive.. Should amp up aggression.
21BB96o-3F PFR
22SB72s-1.5F PFRdon't play hammer to raise… sorry
23ButKTsCall2 limpers… I call..5PL see A57.. I fold to bet
24CutQTsCallJust call. One limper in front.. 4 PL see flop of 2J2 (2 spades.. My suit). SB bets, I raise, he 3bets, I cap. I call turn bet and am all in. No spade on river and lose to J6s… REBUY.
25UTG+187s-9Callloose call… 4 PL.. 3KK flop.. Checked around.. Turn 9.. Checked around.. River.. 7.. I check call and get outkicked by J7o from button (65%er)
27BBAQo23RRaise Limper.. 65Q..Q… 4.. I win my first pot..
28SBKTs-6CallCall… again.. Running bad you just lose some aggression. 4 players see QQK flop I check call.. Turn 6.. I check fold to bet and raise… River 3.. Maniac (73%) beats other player when his Q3 beat others QJ.
30CutA9o-3CallFold to flop bet on TJ3 board.. Other players had AK and A8.. I'm not sure on odds of 3 people on 6 person table having aces.
31UTG+1AKo-15Open R2 callers.. Board J4Q (2 H).. I bet.. Get raised.. BB cold calls.. I 3bet and get 2 calls.. T 5h..checked around… RiverQc.. Maniac wins with 73h and also bets AJo
32UTGQ5sFBoard of 235Q.. Doh
33BB95o-3F PFR
35ButA9o-3Call2 limpers, I call and fold to 7K3 board
37BBA3o9CH2 PL.. 867.. Checked around.. Turn A.. Checked around.. Was going to ch/raise… River 6.. I call and maniac calls with Q2o

No real bad beats there.. mostly just bad flops... but possibly some ideas on aggression preflop.

To be continued... Getting Late.
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