Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hot streak over

Hot streak over after 2 days...

Flushes into Rivered Full Houses.

Full Houses run into straight Flushes

Set over set runs into rivered quads.


Poker is Fun.


Finished 7th (out of 75) in BBT last night. I pushed my small stack with A7 and got called by KK. Pretty loose call, in my opinion. ;-)

Congrats to Hoy on taking it down. I'm sure his post will be a bit over 2 paragraphs.

I did win two turbos SNGs (one of them when being down to under 100 late) and had a 23.11 bb/100 night at the cash tables over 972 hands... so I had that going for me.

Have a nice day!!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Running Bad Stinks !!

Running Bad Stinks !!

Or maybe playing bad... That stinks as well.

That is all.

Have a nice day!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

OK. I'll Play.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Did you ever do something.....

Did you ever do something and your heart just wasn't in it? Well, that was me last night.

I started my play last night and shockingly it was an up and down session. Oh wait, that happens every night. Anyway, I decided to sign up for the Mookie last night. I hadn't played in a while and thought it would be fun. By the time it started, I was ready to stop playing. So what do you do? Well, I will tell you what I do. I go into super aggressive mode. Get chips or get out. The last choice almost happened as all of my 3 bets, check raises, etc failed miserably. I'm down to around 800 chips or so sitting squarely in last place. I'm not too upset as I said, my heart just wasn't in it; but as bad as I didn't want to play, I just CAN'T GIVE chips away... so I waited.

I shoved... doubled up... a little while later... I shoved again... doubled up and now I'm almost back to my starting stack. Dang it!!! Now I guess I have to play. I was truly rooting for the others in those all ins.

Next thing you know, we are at the final table. Next thing you know, we are in the money. Next thing you know I am heads up with my nemesis, Skiddo. This guy historically has killed me headsup in tournaments. Tonight was no different. My middle pair was no good as he flopped top pair as he always does and beat me out. I was going for my 5th Mookie win; but it wasn't meant to be. I guess 2nd is OK; but a win would have been better. ;-)

Have a nice day!!!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Note to Self

Note to Self:

Quit paying off sets with overpairs.

That is all.

Have a nice day!!!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

It seems like it always comes down to a race

I played in the WSOP Circuit Prelim event yesterday in St Louis. I was hoping for a big turnout as Friday's tourney had over 600 people. Unfortunately, that didn't happen as only a little over 200 came out to play.

40 minute levels starting with 160 BBs. I'll keep this pretty brief. Per normal, I played my normal nitty game towards the beginning. I was able to chip up and actually won a nice pot when somebody bluffed their missed flush draw. So at the first break I was well over chip average as I had taken my 8K stack to 15K.

The next 3 levels kept me at status quo. I picked up about 2K more chips and by the second break I was at 19K at still over chip average.

Ok, if you don't like bad beat stories, stop here. Just kidding. This isn't really a bad beat. One of the big chip leaders was moved to our table. He probably had 50K. I'm not sure; but he had a lot. Not surprisingly, he was raising most pots. This particular hand, he was on the button and I was on Big Blind. It is folded to the chip leader and what does he do? He FOLDS??? SB also folds and look at my cards to find Pocket Kings. Bad Beat? Not really; but when you aren't getting cards, it feels like it. This also happened with AJs suited a bit earlier in the tourney.

A little while later against same guy with blinds 600 and 1200 with an ante, I raise from UTG with AK and raise to 2,000 and only the big stack calls from SB. The flop comes T7Qr. He checks and I ended up pushing my remaining 10K. He insta calls. Uh Oh. What does he have? He turns over T7o? What? Strange call from big blind. Turn was a blank and the river was the beautiful Jack for a rivered straight. Amazing, this usually happens against me not to me. Big stack lost a race with AK vs JJ and he was out a few hands later. Poker... you gotta love it.

We are almost at dinner break. About 15 minutes until dinner break. From EP, I look at QQ (not suited). With blinds at 800 and 1600 with 100 ante, I raise to 4200. 3 to my left insta pushes for about 11K more. This guy has been very tight and has showdowned Pocket Kings in similar situations. I was well below average at this point. I had him covered; but just by a little bit. Short Story. I called. He had AK.

It seems like it always comes down to a race. Ace on the flop sealed my fate and I was crippled. I shoved A6s suited a couple of hands later and was called by 77. I lost and was out of the tourney around 70th.

It was definitely fun; but at the same time disappointing.

Have a nice day.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

World Series is coming to St Louis

Since Missouri always had loss limits, there was never a chance of having higher buy in tournaments (or ring games for that matter). Recently, Missouri lifted those loss limits and now a WSOP Circuit Event is coming to St Louis. The prelims actually start either today or tomorrow with the 5K Main event starting in a couple of weeks.

I play in a WSOP monthly league. The basic gist is that 36 of us play every month and a little bit of money goes to that tourney; but the rest goes towards WSOP packages in Vegas. We will have 8 people going to Vegas. Unfortunately, I won't be one of those eight. I sit in 11th place with 2 more to go. Top 7 from standings get a trip and one Wildcard Tourney winner get a trip. I can't remember the breakdown; but I think it may be 3 Main Event and 5 Prelim events with some travel money thrown in there.

When St Louis announced that the Circuit Event, we decided to also include this. So 31 of the 36 decided to throw in 30 more dollars a month for 6 months and we would award one Main event and one prelim.

Through 5 events, I sat in 2nd place 4 pts behind the leader. 3rd place was a distant 12 pts behind. The points are awarded by the place that you finish. 31 pts for 1st... 30 points for 2nd... on down to 1 pt for 31st. Pretty simple.

That brings us to last night. Our final tourney for the St Louis part.

I needed to finish 4 places above leader while still holding off the people behind me. My strategy going in was to play even more conservative than I normally do for the first bit to at least finish in the top 1/2 which would basically eliminate the others from catching me.

I lost a bunch early on with TT. I raise and get two callers. All lowers on flop and I lead out and get minraised. Third guy also calls and for what ever reason I called. Ace of Turn and it gets checked around. I fold to a bet on river. 3rd guy flopped a straight holding 43s. OOP he limp calls and got paid off. We start with around 5K in chips and I was down to almost 3K.

A few orbits later I get KK and raise from early position to something like 600 (blinds 100/200 at this point). I then get raised to 3K which is more or less my whole stack. I deserve a little ridiculing here; but I didn't snap push my other few hundred as I had points to think about. He could have Aces, or any Ax hand and that would be a stinky way to lose. He had Jacks and my Kings hold up.

Nothing exciting and we are down to 2 tables from our 4 starting tables. I would say I am average in chips. The 1st place guy is also average in chips. I get moved to his table.

To make a long story shorter, I hopes and dreams take a huge blow when I raise from EP with AKs and somebody pushes over the top of me and of course I call. He has AQ and the Q comes on the river leaving me with just a couple thousand chips. I push a couple times with AJ and 88 and don't get called.

We are now down to 6 people and I have to finish 4 places above the 1st place guy. He is really short and chips and finally goes out in 6th. I now have to finish 2nd for a tie in which we do a mini heads up tourney or 1st to win the 5K package.

I actually get Aces twice; but get no action.

At the end of the day, I couldn't pull it off as I finished 4th. I do win the prelim event for finishing 2nd so at least I have that going for me. I will playing in that Next week some time. It should be fun. They are 40 minute levels starting with about 160BB. Not great; but certainly better than your normal casino tourney.

We'll see how it goes.

Have a nice day!!!!
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