Monday, June 19, 2006

Blogger Tourney

I played in the Poker Stars Blogger Tourney on Sunday. I have some good news and some bad news. Let's go with the bad news first. Out of 22xx people, I somehow finished 21xx. Nice. Raising on a 678xx board with 45 only to be reraised.. Yep he had the T9. Oops. Next hand, I have T9s... 9 high flop and I raise the guy just crippled me all in (for me). Of course he called with a slow played KK and IGHN.

Where is the good news? Well, I didn't have to play for 6 hours. I did check in at the final table and saw many recognizable bloggers chatting away.

In other good news, hopefully things are starting to turn. I am starting to play some SNGs again. This time starting at the $22 level as I only had $156 in Party. So far, after only 14 tournies, I am running at a 64% ITM rate and 75%ROI. Unfortunately, there has only been 1 win in there with 6 seconds. Not exactly what I am looking for. My rule of thumb is to have more 3rds than 4ths and more 1sts than 2nds. Oops. I have 2 3rds compared to 2 4ths so not good there either. I will continue on with the $22s until I reach a certain amount of $33 buyins. Any rules of thumb out there for moving up, SNG Challenge style? 15? 30? Who knows.

3/6 land is doing better as well. Overall, I have had 7 straight winning days totaling almost $1,500 so I will take it. Slow and steady is my motto.

OK, not much to say and it is running a bit late. I am currently in Canada again for work so I will not get too much opportunities to play. Maybe a couple of SNGs before I hit the sack (as I did tonight).


jjok said...

good, glad to see that things are turning around.

And as for all the 2nd's? Yeah it sucks to not get the big one, but there is a sizable difference between 2nd and 3rd which will cover your next buyin......that's a great thing.

cc said...

Nice recovery, and here's to continued cranking successfully.

mowenumdown said...

I did about the same in the blogger tourney. We will get them next time.

littleacornman said...

Glad you're getting things back on track at the table.Good work.

mookie99 said...

Thanks for playing in The Mookie last night.

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