Friday, June 02, 2006

Def Con 4

I will not elaborate; but I have reached DefCon4. Man your battle stations. Mr Variance, if you think I am going down without a fight, you have another thing coming. But here is the thing, is it Mr Variance? As this is the second prolonged downswing in my brief poker career; it is truly variance or is it bad play? Have I just been lucky during my upswings? Plenty of good stuff going about how luck factors into poker and I do buy into it to a certain degree.

My bankroll is now at the lowest point since Sept 2004. After my rakeback payments this month from ThisIsTheNuts I will back to a better level. So, I need to come up with a plan for the future. During the first downswing, I changed from full ring to short ring and had great succuess. Umm, until I gave it all back. Details, schmetails. So, I think a change is in order again. Speaking of rakeback, I am going to sign up Absolute Poker. I have an existing account; but have not played in 3 months so I am going to try and resign up with another name, address, payment type, etc... Has anybody done this? If so, do you have any tips are experiences to share? Of course, this is borderline unethical, immorral, or some word that I just can't think of right now; but I find real hard to play sites these days when I am not getting paid to play. What are your thoughts on doing things like this? Please leave a comment or email (check my profile for email address) any tips. AP has been the best site for my overall and I have missed playing there.

My second change will be another game change. I will begin focusing on NL again. This is how I started playing (at the micro limits of course) and I want to get back to my roots. What form of NL, I haven't decided yet. It will probably be a combo of NL Ring (short and full), SNGs and Multi Tourneys. I've started a Step SNG on Party. I'll see where it ends up. I kind of want to do some sort of step up thing that I see others doing. You know, start with say $1,000 and start with 1/2 NL. If and when you get to some certain threshold move up in limits. If anybody has already developed such a chart, please let me know. I know CMitch did something like that so I'll check his archives. BTW, congrats to CMitch on his great tourney success as of late. We all knew that you right on the cusp of greatness. Hope the trend continues for you.

Also, I'm not giving up on the notion that I need help. For whatever reason, I just can't finish books. This month will be a knew focus on that. The three books that I own are Theory of Poker and the Harrington books. I hope to get through at least one of them this month. Also, Poker Academy software will be installed. And lastly, training sites. I did sign up for stoxpoker and have enjoyed the videos that I have seen. He does a great job of playing the lower and higher limits on his videos so that it is good for all. The good news is that his play is not overly different than my play. There were a few things that I picked up that I will try shortly. The only bad part is that he doesn't have a lot of videos at the current time; but he is adding and it should be a good library soon. I don't know if I will continue past June though. I will probably switch over to something like cardrunners. Mr Rizen will be giving a review of PokerXFactor soon and that may sway my thinking.

I did end up qualifying for the Iron Man Challenge (Iron Level) on Full Tilt Poker so I will be playing that 30K freeroll next Saturday. I do not believe I will strive for the IronMan this month; however, I think it is a great promotion that Full Tilt does.

Home game tonight so that will also be a nice change of pace.

I watched the movie Two for the Money last night. I like the subject, of course; but it was too Hollywood for me so I give it a thumbs down. I soon will be posting my top 10 movies kind of subdivided by Category so you have that to look forward too. lol.


cc said...

Let me know if you'd like any observation and debrief support. I'm also looking into trying to clear the 1000% Hollywood Poker bonus. Sixty days to clear, looks possible. If I knew how to export and email PokerTracker stuff, I'd say I could take a look at sessions and see if I come up with anything new. Have a good weekend. By the way, did the package arrive?

WillWonka said...

Yes, it did. I meant to email you and thank you. The book is good so far. The special bonus CD Mrs Wonka calls baby making music. Too late.. baby already in the oven. She said that she was actually going to be in St Louis this month.

I'm actually going to record a session on pokeravi this weekend time permitted and I figure out how to do it) and then I would appreciate any comments.

cc said...

Just let me know any logistics. I'm working away here except for a date Saturday night. Have a good weekend.

cmitch said...

Thanks - I hope the trend continues also, probably won't. :)

I would seriously, seriously consider joining cardrunners if you are if you are planning on playing NL cash games. You won't find anyone much better than Green Plastic when it comes to online NL cash games. It has helped my cash game tremendously. Even if you don't play the same LAG style as him there are a lot of concepts that can be picked up from the videos.

Link to the plan I had for stepping up levels.

Good luck with the NL games.

Reel Fanatic said...

There is definitely a great movie to be made about the high-stakes business of sports betting, but "Two for the Money" is definitely not it .. It was just really silly at many points, and very unrealistic

Wwonka said...

u can do the absolute thing again.
that is what i did.


Michael said...

Hey, Will.

If you are looking for another place to play and get paid, check out Poker Syndicate (affiliate link on my homepage). It's on the Boss network and the overall player population is very fishy. The payoff is that 50% of the rake that you pay goes toward obtaining equity shares in the company. The first dividend payment is on 9/30/06.

They do offer a first time 50% deposit bonus up to $1,000. It does clear slowly, though. The biggest negatives to the site are that the software is a bit on the slow side (50 hands/hr.) and the site is also not PT-compatible. Other than that it is a very fishy site.

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