Monday, August 28, 2006

Not that I'm complaining

At the last moment last night I decide to play in the MATH. At first, it didn't look like there was going to be a very big crowd; but ended up with 22 which is a good number. Things are going pretty smoothly and I somehow make it to the final 4... Top 3 pay...

OK.. Intermission...

I also fire up a $25 Turbo on Stars... Again things are pretty good... I'm 3rd in chips and get K7 in the BB... button just calls... 2KJ flop.. I check call.... J on river.... Doh!!!! We get all of our chips in (he was short) and he wins with J7. Fast forward 5 hands and I am now short stacked and go all in with A2... I get called... OK.. no problem... he turns over 55... doh... but wait... 24A flop... nice.. not I have to sweat 2 cards and hope that a 3 doesn't come... Turn... K.. whew.... River.. 3.... What???? IGHN..

Back to MATH... Final 4 seemed like it lasted for hours..... (106 hands out of total 231 for me)... I did get lucky to make it final 4 when my QJ beat bthecloser69's AK. Once we got to 4, I actually won a race against lifesagrind when my 55 flopped a set and turned quads against his KQ. At the time, he was the chip leader and been playing the part of the bully very well. Later on my 66 outraced his AQ as well put me into the lead.

A little later, I get all in with lifesagrind (or should I say he gets all in) with my A9s against his A6o... Nice.... Look like the bubble is broke... 87T... Perfect.... 8 (oh no!!!).... 7.... Unbelievable... Runner Runner Split... Par for the course for me these days.

From there, we all traded chips for a while. We are down to final 3 now so we have monied. I've still sitting in the lead. Lifesagrind makes a call from the button and I will play 3 handed with 42o. BCOHOLIC (sorry, I don't know the link.. let me know and I will adjust) just checks... Flop comes 4T4... SWEET!!!!! Of course I check and it actually gets checked around... Turn.. 2... WOW... you have to love turned full houses... I check again and this time BCOHOLIC bets 800 into a 2500 pot.. lfiesagrind folds and I min raise and BC moves all his chips in and of course I insta call... he turns over 94o and I feel kind of bad that I sucked out on him.... that is until the river.... an ugly 9... Rivers a bigger boat... OUCH!!!!! Maybe there is something to this RiverStars thing...

I lose my ante on next hand and by BB on next hands, I then move all in with 88 from small blind... BC thinks for a little while and calls with 99. Any hope of sucking out of him was dashed on the flop of 9J9... That's all she wrote... Not that I'm complaining, but things could have been a lot better tonight... I could of knocked out both of these guys if weren't for the darn river. Lifesagrind (after surviving that split pot from above) went on to win the thing.... Nice going!!!!!

I also had a table of Full Tilt 3/6 SH going and even though I won less than 50% of my hands at showdown, I did book a small 5.57BB/100 over 160 hands profit which covered my tourney expenses.

That's Poker!!!


cc said...

Sorry for being late to the party, but congrats on the great little girl! We don't make girls, so I'll have to live vicariously through you. Give Mrs. Wonka my best.

Donnie (aka Shadowtwin) said...

That 4 handed play did seem like it lasted forever. It was playing almost like heads up for all the flops we actually saw. The three of you played a heck of a game.

C.L. Russo said...

Congratulations on the new baby! Don't worry, I have two girls myself and I'm loving every minute of it.

Double the Diva means double the fun!

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