Sunday, August 27, 2006

What's Wrong with this Picture

First off, many thanks to those that for some reason still happened upon this blog and gave their will wishes. Things are going great with the addition to the Wonka family. She still hasn't quite figured out that she is supposed to sleep at night; but I'm sure that she'll catch on soon. Anyway, I will try to keep the blogging going; but it will have to be a gradual thing.

I wanted to throw out some Poker Tracker numbers from some individual days this last week and tell me what is wrong with these numbers.

VPIP - 32.97%, PFR - 14.29%, W$SD (Won $ at showdown) 62.50%, BB/100 -13.46
VPIP - 30.00% PFR - 25.00%, W$SD 28.57%, bb/100 28.57

Somtimes poker doesn't make sense. Of course, there are many mitigating circumstances that you just can't always decipher from Poker Tracker Numbers.

First off, the first set of numbers were limit poker and the second set were from No Limit. OK, things are falling into place... 2nd.. they were from a small sample of hands... OK, OK, I get it.

After getting stuck $800 after the first week of August, I have pulled above water for the month. The weekend started tough. I played in the Poker Stars Silver VIP 2.5K Freeroll. I don't play much on Stars; but I do play enough normally to get to Silver level. The payout structure isn't all the nice as they are pretty much paying a bunch of places and that is fine as it is a loyalty thing. Anyway, clearly my strategy was to stack up or get out. Worked out great early as I took a few pots. Then I got into my first all-in situation. I had AQo. After the cards were turned over, I was suprised to see somebody had ATo and T3o. Q on flop and I'm feel pretty good... well, at least until 4 diamonds came on board and Mr T3o had the 3 of diamonds. Crippled there and went out a few hands later. Played 2 $25 SNGs... the short of it was that AK killed me and I lost both. My AKs lost to 33 and my 77 lost to AK. The weekend, however, did get better.

This whole WSOP thing with Jamie Gold is going to get really interesting. I can't wait to watch more of the tournament and how ESPN plays it out. I listened to an interview with him on I urge everybody to head that way and listen to it. Wow, this guy has an ego. Speaking of poker on TV, I certainly agree with the consensus that High Stakes Poker is the best thing going. That hand with Hanson and Negreanu was very, very interesting. Anybody make that call that Daniel did? I guess when you are playing Gus, you are a little loose on your calls.

Have a good week!!!!!

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Michael said...

Yep, not much you gleam from a small number of hands there in your PT stats. Are you you considering going the NL cash game route, though? It seems to be where a lot of players are headed...

I have not played at Stars much this year, but will likely make it to the Silver level this month. I have crunched some numbers and it looks like you basically need to get to the Gold level to start getting better benefits. Once you get there, you can at least get in the monthly $100K freeroll and get more for your FPPs.

Speaking of Gold, what a jerk. It will be interesting to see what impact he will have on poker. Moneymaker, Raymer and Hachem have been good ambassadors for the game. It's hard to see Gold being the same.

Good luck catching up on your sleep!

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