Friday, May 25, 2007

Current Top Ten

With winning the Mook for the second time, he asks you to post your top ten blogs as opposed to his typical Player profile. It is posted there; but I thought I might as well post it here.

As I mentioned, I have over 100 blogs in my bloglines so I read a bunch. Today's top ten might be different than tomorrow top 10; but as of right now, there are some of the blogs that I am enjoying.

1. High on Poker / Low Limit Grinder / Three Jax - These were really the first guys that I hooked up with during my beginning blog days. These were the guys commenting on my blog when I started and if not for that, I probably wouldn't have lasted very long. Even though my blog is not near as active as it used to be, these guys still continue to crank stuff out and I see them on my Bloglines list, I make a point of seeing what they have to say.

2. Hoyazo - One of things that I most look for in a poker blog is actual poker content that I can relate or learn from. Hoy continues to crank posts day after day with strategy and thoughts. His rants also set him apart as they are pure joy to read... even when I was the rant-ee one time.

3. Mook - Of course... How does a guy get one of the most popular blogger touraments out there. It starts with his blog. Very well done. Of course, I love the tournies; but I also really look forward to the profiles of the winners as it is fun to warch.

4. Plan 3T Gong - I can't say enough about this guy and his SNG posts. If you want to talk SNG and SNG strategy, this blog is a good as any.

5. Counting My Outs - Still one of my favorites as he puts out hand histories and asks for opinions on the hand. While I don't always agree with him, I enjoy his thoughts and the thoughts of the commenters. He is also good and keeping us up to date on the current state of online poker.

6. O-Poker - Cmitch is one of those guys that I wish you could emulate. His MTT and NL cash game success rivals most anybody. He has definitely put in the time to study the game such as subscribing to sites like CardRunners which I need to do at some point.

7. CC - What can you say about this guy... other than he is one of us. He is a family man that shares alot of the things that I go through (i.e. kids, religion, bankroll, etc..). Truly one of the people that I look forward to reading... whether it be a series, trip report, tourney recaps... he just has a way of putting it that is easy to relate to.

The next few are how the trues pros play and it is fun to follow...

8. Brian Townsend... in a recent blog he talks about having a good month of May... about 1.4 million. It was nice watching him on High Stakes Poker and to follow his honest dealings as go through the world of High Stakes Poker. One of the Cardrunners guys that keeps a pretty active blog. You gotta love it.

9. High Stakes Poker... Just a report of how the pros are faring. It is not uncommon to see somebody win or lose over 500K in a session. While it is inconceivable to relate to this, it is fun to follow the ride. What's even crazier is seeing how they handle some of these hands. If they were playing 25 cent / 50 cent, we would just call them one of your typical donkeys; but these are obviously not donkeys.

10. Daily Quiz - Just a daily quiz of how to handle a poker hand and then the blog writers give their opinion. Most of the times, it is taken from high stakes cash game or tourney. Again, I don't always agree with the writer or with the majority of the voters; but it is fun to play and often times educational.

There you have it and there you are. Have a great long weekend.


TripJax said...

Thanks for putting us at #1...very cool of you to do. Glad you have stuck it out and kept the blog going...keep it up damnit!

Michael said...

Thanks for putting me on the list, Will. If we always agreed on hands, it wouldn't be any fun, would it? ;-)

cmitch said...

Wow. Thanks for putting me on the list - a lot of great blogs on that list. I am glad to see you back blogging regularly again.

Congrats on winning the Mook.

Mark said...

Just wanted to add my thanks for inclusion in your list. Great blog and an honour to have been included.

Cheers, Mark (Plan3t Gong)

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