Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ho Hum May

Nothing too exciting for the month of May... My bread and butter game (SNGs) continue to struggle even though I am stuck down at $6 Turbo land. More on that in a short bit.

Today starts the 2007 WSOP and there is always a bit of letdown knowing that I won't be there to play or watch. Of course, I envious of the many people making the trek down there. As usual, I will just have to live through the words of Pauly and CC and the crew.

One thing that I am going to do is play some fantasy poker. Basically, you pick 15 people per event divided by 3 tiers (A, B and C). Ah heck... here is the rules from website..

Each Event, the challenge is to put together a 15 player poker team that will earn you the most fantasy dollars in that Event, not necessarily the entire World Series of Poker*. Your roster for each event will include 15 poker players consisting of:
five "A" Players (earn triple the winnings in fantasy dollars)
five "B" players (earn double the winnings in fantasy dollars)
five "C" players (earn actual winnings in fantasy dollars) You can re-select your entire roster prior to each event or let'em ride. Note: Just remember that if you don't submit new picks, your most recent lineup will be used for the next event.

I have even set up a Group called "Poker Bloggers" if anybody is interested in joining to gain bragging rights. The password is "blogsaregay".

So far, I'm in 1st place... oh.. only 1 person in there. Feel free to pass info around.

You can get to the challenge by clicking here . If that doesn't work, just click on the cashier within Full Tilt and then go to My Promotions and at the bottom will be Fantasy Poker. I hope to see a few people in there.

Back to my SNG results. They looked something like this:

Games: 72
ITM: 36.11%
ROI: 17.69%

1st: 14 (19.44%)
2nd: 8 (11.11%)
3rd: 4 (5.56%)
4th: 9 (12.50%)
5th: 8
6th: 6
7th: 15
8th: 4
9th: 4

A couple of things stick out. I'm getting my fair share of 1sts. Not saying much due to the $6 level; but I'll take it.

The other thing is my highest count of finishes was way down in 7th with over 20% finishing there. Wow, how does that happen. Sure, I'm aware of plenty of bad beats put on me early; but didn't know that many.

I'm going to really try an concentrate this month on tournies... both SNGs and the occasional MTT. Plus, for the first time in my life, I am going to really concentrate on studying. I'm committing myself to read some books this month. I've started on the First Harrington book. To force myself to read, I hope to put occasional reviews and/or thoughts of the part of the book that I am reading. I hope to have something up on the 1st half of HOH soon.

So, we will see how it goes. I doubt, I will document my SNG challenge as I have in the past; but I will probably post some occasional updates and hand reviews.

Have a good day!!!

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Chad Carpenter (Yahoo IM: carchd) said...

Those are some good top 3 percentages though. You can never complain when you win 1st more than 2nd and 3rd....

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