Monday, July 02, 2007

Blogger Challenge - Final

Well, the 39 event Blogger Championship Series has come to an end. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I finished a little worse then midway through the field at 29th playing in 23 events. That sounds about right when you sort the standings by other numbers.

Here are some others Rankings (using the field of people that qualified for the freeroll):

Points: 29th
Money: 30th
Points per event: 31st
In the Money: 23rd (tied)

Overall average from above: 28th

I want to echo the sentiments of most people in thanking Al, Mook and Hoy for organizing this thing. It definitely put more people in the tourneys which of course made for great fun. I definitely need to work on my MTT game to be able to hang with the top half.

It seems that there are plenty of people that had a problem with the points structure. I, personally, didn't have any problems with it; although, I fully understand where the arguments come from. One point of contention is that they thought people were folding to the points. Do you really think so? Maybe those players play normal tournaments like that which I assume means waiting on the premium hands. I knew that I, for one, didn't really care about the points and tried to play the same as if I were playing a normal tournament and everything would take care of itself (rankings wise). I would like to think that most people did that. Maybe at points bubble time, things were played differently. I mean, I even called with JTs against a raise? Does that sound like somebody that folds to the points?

It is definitely hard to argue with net money earned being a part of the equation as I'm sure that I was a net negavtive with only making $331 over the 23 events. The only thing about putting credence in these numbers is can you really get a good net earnings number? I'm sure that almost everybody got a token for "The Big Game" as well as plenty of people getting tokens for the MATH.

I guess we will see how things go in the next few weeks as we are back to the normal schedule. I hope the attendence stays up. I would be surprised if it did; but we can all hope. Giving this thought, I hope we do follow this up in a month or two with another blogger challenge with a modified scoring system, I'm sure.

That's about it. Not much going on these days.

I did play in the Harrah's month end tournament of champions; but was totally card dead. AK once which just stole the blinds. Right before the 1st break, I ended up throwing my 5BB in at MP with A9o in hopes of stealing the blinds; but was called by AQ. Definitely gambleing; but I had sat on my hands too long as it was and I didn't want to go the way of being blinded out.

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