Friday, July 06, 2007

Main Event 2007

The Main Event is upon us once again. I have still yet to hear a number that they think they will have; however they are planning for bigger numbers as they have Day 1 split into 4 days. It would kind of stink to play on Day 1 and make it through it and then have to wait 4 or 5 days to play again. Day 3 seems like the optimal day to play.

Well wishes to all the bloggers that are playing in this thing.

Being the stats geek that I am, I have been recording all the events in a spreadsheet to get some stats. The WSOP through 53 events has almost reached the 100 million dollar mark in prizes ($98,076,732). They have had 3710 different people cash in the respective tournaments. No surprise that Freddy Deeb is on top of the money list with his big 50K HORSE victory netting him over 2.2 Million dollars. He had a small score in event 45 ($1,500 PL Holdem) finishing 45th for about 5K.

Now, let's focus more on the Main Event and who is looking good going into this thing. It would hard not to start the list off with the poker brat himself who made it through a huge field to claim his 11th bracelet. He has cashed a total of 6 times (all in Holdem events). So let's focus on who has done well in Holdem Events this WSOP. The following people have had 6 cashes (Phil Hellmuth ($743,564), Michael Binger ($367,299) and Arnold Spee ($140,208). Next on the list are people with 5 cashes which include Joe Sebok ($50,496), Jordan Smith ($31,571), Marco Johnson ($62,670), Steve Billirakis ($593,745), Scott Bohlman ($90,931), Greg Mueller ($417,402), Eugene Todd ($40,480) and Eric 'Rizen' Lynch ($191,626).

Let's shuffle up and deal!!!

BTW, I got my check from the small poker site that I previously mentioned in an earlier post. The funny thing was that it was a hand written check (not computer generated). The $1,200 is also still on my online account. Very funky indeed.

Have a good weekend!!!!


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Hand written check!? LMAO. That's the funniest thing I read in a while. Very closely followed by the "I have been recording all the events on a spreadsheet." Even better that you still have an online roll. You should take a shot at like 5-10NL and then cash out again. No risk there!

fairnbalncd said...

Along the lines of following your poker account shenanigans, I get a call last night on my cell phone.

AsianGuy: (Thick accent)Is this so-n-so? (No hello or nothing just asking my name)

Me: What?

AsianGuy: Is this so-n-so?

Me: Who's this and how'd you get this number?

AsianGuy: 'some Asian name' with fraud department.

Me: What fraud department?

AsianGuy: Taiwan

Me: No it isn't 'so-n-so's" phone and don't call back.


I check the number and see it's an American number. Do a search online and find nothing so I decide to call it back.

AsianGirl: CapitalOne, How may I help you.

Me: Hang up


I would have sworn the AsianGuy said "Taiwan" instead of CapitalOne! LMAO!

btw, all is well with my account but you can never be TOO careful, right?

TripJax said...

You geek.

I cannot believe the hand written check. That is absolutely crazy.

Gadzooks64 said...

Freerolling with a $1200 handwritten check?!?!

Life is good!

jamyhawk said...

How funny about the check!

So, Helmuth is favored to cash, but wouldn't the favorite to win be: "insert name here" internet pro, never heard of him before?

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