Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Lost Room

A little non poker stuff here. I recently rented the Lost Room which was a 6 part mini series starring Peter Krause. Very good stuff. I highly recommend it. The basic gist is that there these objects from some event in the sixties that does different things such as "the key" which will teleport you through any door with a lock to any other door that you can picture in your mind via a motel room. Another object (the comb) as they are called freeze the world around you. Anyway, Peter Krause's daughter gets lost in this motel room (which resets itself after every time you close the door to the way it was) so he goes on a quest to find his daughter. The ending wasn't perfect was still good enough for me to give it two thumbs up.

Poker... ah yes...

Well, like some others, I decided to play regular SNGs as opposed to Turbos to see if it truly makes a difference. After my first set of four, it was a definite yes with a one 1st and 2nds. I'm wondering if that is a pretty good sample size to judge how things will go. Hmmmm... Probably not.

I played my second set last night. 7th, 7th, 7th and 9th. Oops. Let's see. AA lost to J5s who thouth it would be great to call a 500 dollar raise from the big blind. Of course I flop a set and he flops a flush. He pushed... I called. IGHN in 7th. Now keep in mind, almost all of these happened within one minute or two. JJ lost to AA which lost most of my chips as I didn't call his re-reraise all in and then I just lost a race with my AJ to his 33. IGHN in 9th. Nothing too bad about that one. Just poker. Next one... AA vs QQ... All in on Q high flop. DOH!!!!! 7th... Lastly, AK lost to AQ when he hit runner runner 4 card straight. Not to mention that I got stacked twice playing NL when I got outkicked twice when we both had trips.

The only good news of the night was that my 3/6 limit game did well enough to basically break even for the night.

BTW, some people don't like posting bad beats. I say post them. It's your blog.


HighOnPoker said...

I really liked The Lost Room. It was actually a backdoor pilot, sorta, and if it did well, they were going to make it into a series. The ending was definitely flat, but I think they were really just setting everything up for the series. It didn't do well enough to get picked up though.

If you are looking for other random Sci Fi series you may've missed, check out The 4400. I don't know if it is out on DVD, but nowadays, everything seemingly is out on DVD.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Looks like you and me for the heads up battle. My bankroll is mainly on FTP so hopefully, that's where most of your roll is as well. Any thoughts on stakes? Or times and days that work best for you? Generally, Tuesday nights and Thursday nights are bad for me. Others should be fine but it just depends on what time. Plus, I'm on the east coast... Let me know your thoughts! GL!

cmitch said...

Thanks for the comments on the video. I think you were dead on.

Anonymous said...

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