Monday, October 01, 2007

Here we go again...

Well, Let's try this blogging thing again.... Things obviously haven't gone too well.

The month of September was blah... I played 106 SNGs losing a grand total of $14 at 38.7% ITM at the lowly $10 range. It is obviously frustrating not to be able to do better at that level; but bankroll dictates where you play at.

Ring play was an impressive plus $100. Add a few dollars for rakeback and at least it was a positive month.

So the plan for October.... More SNGs... it's kind of personal thing now... I must beat the $10 SNGS... I'm shooting for around 200 of them.

My first set of 6 tonight.... 1 1st 1 4th and the others not so good... Typical to how things have been going though..

SNG #1 8th place TT loses to KQ... he called my preflop raise... I hit my set on the flop... oh but wait the flop was AJT... and flopped straights are apparently gold. Who knew. The boat didn't fill up so I'm gone.

SNG #2 5th My second high nut flush was ousted by the nut flush... lovely

SNG #3 5th JJ lost to 88 DQB What can you do...

SNG #4 1st Wahoo.

SNG #5 4th This bubble went on for ever seeing the shorties over and over again winning. DonkeyPuncher was there to witness the fun and got 3rd after he was sucked out on. I definitely need help on my bubble play. More on that later.

SNG #6 9th AK lost 34 on Ace high flop. He got his second pair on turn and I called his all in like a big dummy.

Given the lackluster performance again this year, I have definitely made up my decision to try a training site. There are many out there. It seems that are two or three clear leaders (that I know of) and they all seem to have their speciality. Any comments on any of these would be greatly appreciated.

First off, I will probably finally purchase SNGWiz as compared to SNGPT.

Next video Training. I think I have finally convinced myself to do one of these. I have a few bucks on Poker Stars and the plan is to use that site to fund my poker training. Hopefully I can make $25 a month on that site. If not, I really have problems.

PokerXFactor - specializing in Tournaments; mostly MTT; but plenty of SNG talk. They have a great Hand Analyzer and the video selection is great.

Cardrunners - Newly re-redesigned website looks great. Seems to specialize in Cash Games. O-Poker obviously likes it.

StoxPoker - seems to specialize in Limit Holdem which is what I presently play most; however, through ThisIsTheNuts, you can get this free if you generate enough rake.

Deuces-Cracked also looks good. Not quite as many videos to offer as the others do.

SNGIcons - specializes in SNGs... but may be too specialized since they cost about the same as the others.

Donkit - also specializes in SNGs. I viewed one of them and I thought it was good. Selection might be the issue here as it looks like they are not adding new videos.

I'm sure that there are others and if you know of any, please let me know. I will keep you updated on how it goes. I really want to get into some NL cash but didn't fair to well this month.

We'll see how it goes.

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cmitch said...

LOL - yeah I like cardrunners, but I play mostly cash.

I am a member of both CRs and PXF. Since you play a lot of SNGs, I would join PXF over CRs. Sheets has great sng analysis. He gets into a lot of detail and really shows his thought process for putting people on ranges and what the most +EV play is based on their ranges for calling, folding, raising, etc.

The added bonus to PXF is obviously the MTT vids. I haven't watched many vids on their site, but I think one of belowabove's vids really opened my mind on a few concepts.

GL and keep the posting up.

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