Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another Wednesday, Another Mook - Knockout Artist

Well, it seems that I am on a weekly posting pattern. It is certainly not intentional. Before I get started, there should be one hard and fast world (non poker related).

Moms should not be allowed to get sick!!!!

Enough said and of course, I wish Mrs Wonka a Happy Valentine's day. She is feeling much better today so hopefully it is all good; but when you have a wife and two kids all of which are sick at the same time makes for a pretty unpleasant couple of days and certainly a reminder of how much for granted I take the status quo.

Too bad the Mook wasn't a bounty tournament last night. Hmmm maybe we should try that. I must have knocked 4 or 5 people last night which is certainly not my MO.

Knockout #1. Shortstacked (535) limped/ pushed with A5h and I called with A9 and won although with 2 aces on flop, I was sure it was going to be a split.

Knockout #2. This was a little suspect (preflop). I'm (2325) on the button with A9s and WiredAces77 (1470) raises to 175 (30/60 blinds) and I call. A little suspect on the call; but with position, I play it passive this early in tourney. Flop gomes 9cJd6d which is about as good as I could realistically hope for. WiredAces throws out a pot sized 440 bet. I wait a bit and push. He calls with pocket Queens (with Q of diamonds). I'm not sure who is out there; but I have plenty of outs. Looks about 50/50 assuming about 13 outs. Anyway, I hit a 9 on the turn and win the hand. Thoughts?

Knockout #3. OH wait... never mind. My AQ lost to ATs. Again, enough said.

Knockout #3. OK, I'm even as I called a preflop raise Blind vs Blind against Chitwood. I got lucky and hit a K and was an easy call to his all in bet on flop with AQ. We all know that you have to win races and win some 60/40s along the way.

Knockout #4. This was against non other than the non Mook winner, Hoyazo. We'll call this one a gift because it was just a pretty awful shove. I (1965) raise UTG (blinds 60/120) with AK to 600. Hoy (1280) then shoves with A4o. Obviously, no way I am folded getting over 3 to 1. That ended yet another Mookie for him. I won't go off too bad as we'll see how mine ended. Did he really think I would fold? Did he think he was ahead? My guess is that he was just ready to go. Thanks Hoy! By the way, I noticed he shoves alot... at least in this tourney.

Knockout #5. Loretta8 (2896) (blinds 200/400/50) pushes with 87d after one limper. Easy call for me (4870) with Queens. I avoided 134234234 outs on the river and won the hand

Knockout #6. Gscott (4110) (200/400/50) raises UTG with AJs and I push with KK and avoided the ace. Nothing spectacular there. Just got lucky to have a hand at the right time.

After that we found ourselves at the final table. I was 3rd in chips. And this is where it went all wrong.

I had DonkeyPuncher immediately my left. I think he may have been a little bitter to me beating him in HUC6.

It is folded to me (12716) (250/500/50) in the SB and look down to 64o. Now, let me tell you, that is a powerful hand and what do you do witha powerful hand. Push, I say. Donkeypuncher (4435) made a very loose call with AA and somehow sucked out on me.

I think just one orbit later still 9 handed I (8181) (250/500/50) get a sooooted hammer and of course raise to 1600 which has been my normal raise here. DonkeyPuncher again just flat calls me. Flop A99 and we both check. Ace on turn and I bet out 3200 and again the smooth call. & on the river which of course does me no good and I check and he bets and I fold. He shows 99 for flopped Quads. Yet another suck out.

That more or less did me in as I lasted a little while longer. I even got KK but no callers. I eventually pushed with JackAce from EP and got called by AK. I had some outs; but missed them all and I am out on the Bubble! Dang!!!

That is pretty much a clinic on how to blow all of your chips.

Meanwhile, while this is going on, I managed to play over 1300 hands of 1/2 limit for a grand total of $4.75. NH me. I'm wondering how a heart attack feels? This was my chart from the night. pretty much says it all.

Have a nice Day!!!!


Klopzi said...

>>Moms should not be allowed to get

I whole-heartedly agree. It's brutal. And the kids can sense your weakness and pounce, or scream/pee/eat random shit off the floor/vomit/lick the floor/chew on furniture/stay up all night/get horrid nosebleeds that bring to mind scenes from Nightmare on Elm Street.

Awful, awful stuff...

Jestocost said...

Wow, you mean Loretta got knocked out after pushing preflop with a massive and inexplicable overbet? Who could have seen that coming.

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