Friday, February 08, 2008


Short post today.

I sat down at FTP to work off some bonus that they threw my way. Just $75; but bonus is bonus and I'm going to play anyway. So on FTP, I really only have enough to play 1/2 Limit. So I sat down at 2 tables (was on waiting list on others waiting on good tables per Anyway, everything was going great. It was one of those sessions where you just happened to be sitting in the right chair. BB specials, Hitting your sets, etc etc... and after 100 hands I was up $100 which is really, really good for 1/2 limit. I won 59% of the flops I say.. 80% Showdown wins. You get the picture. I've posted about many hit and run sessions that I have done and have vowed not to do that if the tables were still good. Well, nobody had left my tables so I stayed.

I have to tell you though my confidence wasn't high. I kept thinking that this was a mistake. Truthfully, though, I don't think I played any different. But then it happened/started. KK on a 58J flop... I never slowed down and Q5 hits a Q on the river. A few hands later Mr Flush hits against my flopped set, missing the strong draws.. etc.. etc... enough said. So 150 hands later I have given back the $100 plus $60. Unbelievable... I ended up down about $25 aftr about 650 hands plus some bonus which more or less make it break even; but man oh man. Good Times!!! So Yes, Gravity.. What goes up, must come down.

We'll keep it going and see how it goes.. I'm starting to get an itch for NL (especially after reading another great post from RecessRampage ). I started at Micro NL. Built my bankroll through Micro NL and NL tourneys. Why I ever switched to Limit, I'll never know. I do love the limit game though so that is the downfall.

Have a good weekend.

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