Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I guess I need to look at the big picture

Wow, it's been a week since my last post. That's what a bad stretch will do for you. The poll ended up with the majority of you saying that you need to play through it. If I had to answer the question, I would say that I:

either play through it, take a break, study or break something. Yep, I do it all. That's just how I roll. Initially, as things went south, I was determined to play through it while at the same time I was probably breaking some things (mostly my hand as I was punching something). Then I thought to study a little by watching videos which I seem to never really follow up on. And then, ultimately, I have just taken a short break. It was really only a few days; but whatever it takes to freshen things up. I played a little live poker during that time.

I did have some good comments from Klopzi and Jamyhawk. Thanks, and keep them coming.

So, how bad a month was it? A simple graph will give you a good idea. Very depressing.

Words can't really explain it. Was I running bad? Not really as my EV was about the same as what I ended up.
I played at a 21.7/14.7/2.26 clip for the month of almost 26,000 hands. That in itself isn't terrible. I won at showdown around 49% which again isn't terrible. It's not good; but doesn't represent the final numbers. I was down on all of my all in hands; but only $33. The truth be told, I just don't know. It was just a bad month.
So why do I need to look at the big picture? Because all in all, I actually was up $100 (ok, actually it was $93) when you take into account tournaments, Rakeback, Bonus, Blackjack and Live play. So, I won't say that I'm happy about it; but a positive month is a positive month when you look at the big picture; but definitely the small picture of my ring play is glaring and needs to be fixed. I am up in August so far; but as I said I took a small break and have only played 1,000 hands so far.
Now, for my new poll question and I'm almost positive I know what the result of this one will be. This whole Absolute and Ultimate Bet thing is getting crazier by the minute; especially with the recent UB things. I'm not going to get on my high horse and defend either site or at the same time, I'm not going to say anything bad. At this point, you can go plenty of places to get the scoop and editorials. The truth of the matter is that I still have money on AP. In fact, I just put another $150 to get a 100% bonus. Wow, have they changed their bonus clearing structure. Maybe it is just the limits I play now; but it took over 1,000 hands to clear $5. That is terrible. Anyway, onto this weeks question.
Regardless of whether you have money there or not, let me know your thoughts on playing on AP/UB? Again, I think I know the answer; but don't hold back. Give me the business, if need be.
Due to my 2nd place finish at Harrah's last month, I got to play in their 10K freeroll Tourney of champions. Unfortunately, I never got any cards. Out of 131 runners, I finished 15th which is amazing giving that I didn't have a pocket pair over pocket 6s. I had AK once which I folded. with blinds at 50/100 someone raised to 600 and someone called. It was early and I decided to let it go. Ace came on the flop and somebody when all in. Pocket Queens reluctantly laid his hand down and the winner showed A2o. HUH???? Nice play. Needless to say, this guy did not last much longer.
I finally went out on KQ. I went all in and somebody behind me went all in and somebody called him. Oops... I was up against TT and AQ. Flop was 9Tx so I was drawing dead to a Jack which never came. Top 10 paid here so it was close but no cigar. I was obviously short stacked and had to get some chips as that was the first time I saw any resemblance of a good hand.
That should do it for today..
Have a nice day!!!


Klopzi said...

Not a great month but you'll get it back.

I still think that buckling down and playing straight-forward ABC poker is probably the best way to go. Try playing 10,000 hands without doing anything tricky, other than the occasional open button-steal.

Play good cards. Reduce the number of times you two barrel and three barrel (preferably to zero). Focus on value betting when you hit and folding when you miss. It's a boring style of poker and easily exploitable - but it's more than sufficient to crush anyone playing the $50 NLHE games.

I only say this because it's quite easy to follow up a bad month with some truly horrible play by trying to get back to "even".

Look at your overall win rate. Is it good or bad? If good, play solidly and forget about last month. Pretend it never happened.

If you're an overall loser at the $50 games, play tight and reduce the number of tables that you're playing until you've managed to put together a solid win-rate over 10,000+ hands.

You know all this stuff already. Just thought I'd drop the comment though having gone through a similar situation recently.

Bayne_S said...

Whenever UB or AP have given me money to come back I have played there with intent to build $10 or $25 up to point where I can get a check or bust.

Even then I only play when drinking.

I would never deposit money there.

But I play at low enough stakes that it can't be worth the effort to cheat.

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