Sunday, August 24, 2008

Good Times at Table and Rakebake Tourney

One more day to vote on your favorite podcasts. Bart Hanson's Cash Plays is winning so far and I agree that is a good one. You can vote in the upper right hand corner of blog.

On a suggestion by Alan, I moved up to 50c/$1 from 25c/50c. While there wasn't too many differences, there were subtle differences. I will hold off from commenting on those to make sure that they are the rule and not the exception from my early sessions.

Unfortunately, I was greeted with some hands that weren't really bad beats and weren't quite coolers. Things like flush over flush over flush (there were only 3 hearts on board and we all had 2 hearts). I was the middle man playing the 3rd nuts, losing to the 2nd nuts. A7 on a board of AxK7A losing to AK, etc, etc.. The good news is that after about 1,200 hands, I am more or less break even (+3.50).

I did have one pretty entertaining hand. The hand itself wasn't too exciting other than I did hit a straight flush; but the chat the ensued following the hand was pretty entertaining. Well, at least to me. Take a look.

MP (MP): $71.50
(CO): $136.15
(BTN): $100.00
Hero (SB): $129.00
BB (BB): $171.10
(UTG): $65.40

Pre Flop: ($1.50) Hero is SB with 4d 7d
1 fold, MP calls $1, CO $1, 1 fold, Hero calls $0.50, BB checks

Flop: ($4.00) 3d 6d 4h (4 players)
Hero bets $2, BB calls $2, MP raises to $12, CO folds, Hero calls $10, BB folds

Turn: ($30.00) Ad (2 players)
Hero checks, MP bets $30, Hero raises to $75, MP calls $28.50 all in

River: ($147.00) 5d

Final Pot: $147.00
MP shows 4c 4s (three of a kind, Fours)
Hero shows 4d 7d (a straight flush, Seven high)
Hero wins $144.00
(Rake: $3.00)

MP: omg
MP: ur so luckt
Hero: let's see
Hero: pair
Hero: flush draw
Hero: straight draw
Hero: and obv... str8 flush draw
MP: i had trips
MP: was pot wortjh it
Hero: I know...
MP: flush straight dont beat fh
Hero: really
Hero: I was a 79$ fav
Hero: 70%
Hero: 59%
Hero: 79%
Hero: I can't type
MP: cant play either
Hero: yeah.. I really shouldn't get my chips in the middle asa 79% fav
Hero: maybe you could give me some lessons some time
MP: u wasnt 79 percrent
Hero: oh yeah
MP: yes
Hero: you're right... it was 79.5%
MP: not it wasnt u mug
MP: u talk a good game
Hero: try
MP: dont need to
MP: i know the odds u were
Hero: you're right...
Hero: it was 79.55% per p0kerstove
MP: no it wasnt
Hero: I don't know what to tell you stevie...
MP: u think 79.55
Hero: nope...
Hero: I know
BB: did stevie say that a str8 flush doesnt beat a boat?
Hero: yep
Hero: actually he said flush straight
MP: Hero do u type in everyhand into p0kerstove lol#
Hero: nope...
Hero: but you know...
Hero: there are other programs that will do it as well
Hero: I knew you didn't have one of those
MP: i dont need one
Hero: that is obvious..
Hero: keep doing what you are doing
BB: your money, try soiltaire...its free
MP: i know them enough
Hero: I wish you the best
Hero: truly...
Hero: except for the hands against me... ;-)
MP: thanks
MP: i didnt expexct u to be calling with that preflop
Hero: I was in SB in an urnraised pot..
Hero: who doesn't call that
MP: and as for u BB
MP: u aint funny
Hero: excuse my ignorance... Essex is in England?
MP: yes
Hero: what time is it there... I'm in the US
MP: r u gonna try be funny willi
Hero: no...
MP: man of ur knowledge
Hero: do you know what time it is in the Midwest in the US?
MP: england is same time all over
Hero: ?
MP: so a slight difference

I can stop smiling every time that I read that. Gotta love it. To his defense, he wasn't a terrible player. At least as far as YOU know.


Rakeback. Everybody knows about this, right? If not, you need to. Click on either of the banners on the right to start getting rakeback, if you don't have it. I know they will also help you out if you already have an account on a site and aren't getting rakeback. Anyway, I played in the RakeTheRake $7,500 freeroll today with about 350 people. I made it to the final table sitting in 1st place by a pretty good margin. I got rivered on one hand (all in preflop) and then fell for a big bluff that put me down into the pack. To make this a short story, the disappointment was that I finished 5th for a $412 payday. The $1,900 would have been nicer. My final hand A7s hit 2 pair but was counterfeited by a higher pair. That's the way it goes. These freerolls are just another reason that you need to be getting rakeback.


Olympics. The only thing that I will say is that I loved every minute of it.

Have a nice day!!!


Klopzi said...
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Klopzi said...

Good to see you moved up to the $100 games. After a brief adjustment period, you should be able to crush these games at the same rate as you were the $50s.

And FWIW, I shove the flop after MP raises. Playing draws OOP is not one of my favourite things and I'm a big fan of fold equity. I also quite enjoy flipping for stacks whenever possible.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

I am curious to hear about the subtle differences in the two levels. GL GL!

pokerpeaker said...

Given that Alan suggested it and you are playing it, I am very close to making the move myself. PLease let me know what you think of the move. And does PokerStars give out rakeback?

jamyhawk said...

Flush Straights always beat House Fulls. Right?

LMAO at that whole thing...

WillWonka said...


Unfortunately no rakeback at Stars

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