Tuesday, October 28, 2008


To say that I haven't been posting lately would be an understatement.

I decided to play SNGs this month to take a break from cash games. I love to play SNGs; but they don't generate the rakeback and other things as fast so I don't play them very often any more. Anyway, I should have stuck with cash games.

Here is a little taste of what I have been going through..

I went 35 SNGs without a win at the $11 level.

Things like this from earlier in the month:

ALL in preflop AA vs KJ (not sooted)..

A34 FLop... Bingo... 2.... 5.... Chop Chop

Allin Preflop... AQ vs K7... Flop 77x Turn 7.. River x... DQB


OK.. I tried $22+2 tonight...

0 for 4..

9th.. JJ lost to QQ .. villian min raise preflop and I raised.. and he pushed... should have got a way.
5th.. AKs lost to AA K high flop
4th.. 55 lost to TT 6789 board
4th.. TT lost to A3s

4 more...

5th A8s lost to ATs.. attempted button steal
7th QQ lost to AK
3rd KJ lost to A8... K high flop... A on turn
4th... A8 lost to A6 6 on river.

0 for 66

5th 33 lost to AJ bvb
4th AJs lost AQ button steal
4th 86 lost to AJs had to call.. I can't remember hand that shortstacked me a little earlier
3rd ATs lost TT button Steal
4th AQ lost to AT
3rd A6 lost KQ on all in on TAQ board... 8... Q
2nd A7 lost AT
4th Q7 lost to 55 ..... hand b4 shortstack flops 2 pair against pkt aces and pocket aces rivers straight making me the new shortstack where I promptly lose race
2nd... A5 lost to AK.. flop 658... K on river
3rd 88 lost to KK

I can't give up.. This is ridiculous.

6 more down the drain..

4th ATs lost to TT button steal
6th A3 lost to 66 shortstacked
5th A7 lost to J2 suited on KK7 flop... he was committed and called with J2s and got runner runner flush... Hand before, I pushed shortstack and lost with Q6 vs 63
5th 97s lost to JJ.. he minraised my BB and I donk pushed on 287 board
4th KJ lost to KQ.. I pushed on TKQ board
2nd.. 65s lost to AJ.. he had me 2-1 and I got caught. I had this one won twice but best hand didn't hold up ai preflop.

so yes... I went 72.. actually 73 SNGs without a win. Unbelievable!!!

But finally tonight the streak is over as I lost my first one; but then won the next 3. I didn't press my luck and I quit to play in a tournament..

Which tourney you ask? The Bodonkey II Series of course hosted by our good buddy smokkee.

To say that things went right tonight would be a gross understatement. I hit sets early and often to start things off. I was the chip leader pretty much from the get go. One little downswing under average and then the strangest thing happened.

Two people pushed with 72o offset, yes the hammer, into my big hands that vaulted me to the top where I stayed almost all night until we got to about 4 handed and then I lost some chips to a race and some bad steal attempts.

In the end, I couldn't get it done and took 2nd. Congrats to 23Skiddo himself for taking it down. LOL. I don't know how many of these, that I will get to play; but hopefully, I will get to play in some of these more often than not.

Anyway, we'll see if I can keep the posting going.

Have a nice day!!!

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23skidoo said...

Good game last night! I was propelled by some pretty good cards there near the end. I'll see you next week I'm sure.

I posted some of the FT hands here: www.iam23skidoo.com

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