Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nine to One

Boy, no posting lately. Things were going good this month until Tuesday where I spewed off multiple buyins. No details right now.

One exciting thing is that I am playing int he Tournament of Champions on Bodog tonight as evidenced by this email that I received.

wilwonka Your Final Tournament Of Champions Seat Awaits!

Congratulations wilwonka!

As one of the players who finished in the top 15% of all participants who played in the Bodog Poker Blogger Tournament Series, you have earned a seat to play in the Final Tournament Of Champions (TOC) on Thursday, December 18th at 9:05 p.m. ET.

Registering for the Final TOC is simple:

* Open the Bodog Poker software and go to the Main Lobby
* Select the "Private" tab
* Register in the tournament named, Online Poker Blogger Final

The Online Poker Blogger Final costs nothing for you to enter and will see the Grand Prize winner receive T$2,000 + a $100 online casino credit.

Other prizes are as follows:
2nd place finish: T$500
3rd place finish: T$250
4th place finish: T$100
5th place finish: T$50

Other TOC Tournament Details:
Buy-in: $0 + $0
Chips: 5,000
Levels: 20 minutes

All information related to the series is also found at the Bodog Blogger Tournament Series Official Site at

It's been a pleasure having you play this tournament series.

Good luck and may the best poker blogger take down this series!

What's even funnier is that you can actually go to Bodog and bet on it and yours truly is going at 9-1. Why is that funny? Well, I'm really not that good of a tourney player; but we will see what happens. Here are some of the other odds. They also have some prop type bets.

smokkee 73/10

CarnePicante 8/1

APOSEC72 8/1

salex77 73/10

23skidoo 10/1

MiamiDon 8/1

wilwonka 9/1

Newinnov 10/1

PokahDave 73/10

cbags 9/1

TonySoprano 10/1

BuddyDank 31/2

FishEater2000 73/10

Field (Any other player) 4/1

Good luck to all and we will see what happens.

Have a nice day!!!

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$mokkee said...

congrats on finishing 2nd. Chad ran like gawd at the end and wouldn't be denied.

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