Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Thoughts

  • Who thinks Phil Ivey can win? This final table has to be great for poker. I'll be interested to see how they spin everything
  • How many "Still Here" posts have you seen lately? Definitely a busy time of the year.
  • Half way through July and I'm NOT halfway through working off my Full Tilt Bonus; but I have at least made it back to postive territory for the month.
  • How much of a can of shaving cream is actually used versus washed/rinsed off your hands. 50%?
  • I'm still having issues with Full Tilt updates. Now, more so with disconnecting and reconnecting. I get disconnected from FTP; but my internet is still working.
  • Having recently switched to Cable from Direct TV, I miss all my HD channels (although I haven't completely gotten rid of DTV yet)
  • Has anybody listened to the B Team on Poker Road Radio podcasts. They are much better than the "A" team. Stapes/Seebock/Gavin I think are kind of cashing it in and Cort/Gobbo Boy/ and I can't remember the last one are much better on all counts.... Poker Strategy / Comedy and everything in general. I know Seebock has tons going on running the thing.

Have a nice day.

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