Friday, May 21, 2010

Time to end Super Tubro Experiment? And I am a Rakeback Amatuer

Ok.. Maybe it is time to give up the Super Turbo Experiment. Red line is All in EV.

Good Times!!!

138 Tournies this month

Only 26.8 ITM

-16% ROI

On the flip side, I am having a consistent month at the cash games. NOT!!!!!

On the bright side, I am positive (a whopping $2.80) over the almost 30,000 hands. The big blind continues to my Achilles heel. I am positive at every position with the exception of big blind.
I guess you could you call me a rakeback amateur.
Have a good weekend. I am playing golf for the first time this year and playing in a home game (both on Saturday) so it should be a fun weekend anyway.


Anonymous said...

Do you play Rush poker on FT? I have run into someone names WillWonka on Rush a bunch of times, but of course there is no time to chat on that damn thing.


WillWonka said...

yep, sure do.

JT said...

i have to say that the super turbo is great, but only if you're pressed time. i've always though that it's not worthwhile in the long-term. how long was the "experiment"?

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