Thursday, May 13, 2010

American Idol

Similar to this post last year, I correctly picked Your American Idol at 8/1.

Well, this year, the odds are not so great.

Casey James is 10/1

Crystal Bowersox 4/5

Lee Dawyze 6/5

Last week, it came to me that Lee Dawyze is going to be your American Idol. I forgot to look at odds. I look at them now and it is no where as juicy as Kris Allen was last year at 8/1. In truth, I just can't buy an even money pick.

Why do I think Lee will win. Well, similar to last year. Casey is almost 100% to go this week. Where do his votes go to? I feel it is Lee.

Unlike last year, I like all 3 of these so it really doesn't matter to me.


Still struggling in poker; but hopefully some poker posts coming soon.

Have a nice day!!!!


OhCaptain said...

I'm a huge fan of Crystal, she's been outstanding for most of the season. Lee, I could be comfortable with him. He's had some great week but can show weakness prone to some pitch problems. Casey got no shot. He rocks the guitar and will be popular with the teen girls voting cute, but he creativity can be suspect.

alexandra said...

looking forward to your poker posts.. :)

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