Thursday, September 29, 2005

Crossroads (cont)

I am what I am - Popeye the Sailor Man.

First off, I would like to think everybody for their comments. Every little bit helps.

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Now for my second step in my twelve step program. I have to admit (with deep chagrin) that poker has become more than merely a hobby. I mean, who I am kidding. I'm hooked, addicted, obsessed, etc... with poker. It is what it is. I guess you can say that there are good addictions and bad addictions. Right now, it is a good addiction meaning that is something I do a lot; but it is not replacing the more important things in life (family, work, finances.. etc). I'm not saying that poker is a good thing to be addicted to. Contrare, Contrare. Poker can be a very bad thing to be addicted to. It hasn't (and of course never will) gotten to that point.

I've always been a gambler. It all comes from my dad. My dad gambled on most everything (in a non-degenerate type way). What I mean is that he played golf a lot and had money on it. Played the football games... Horses... you bet... so it's always been a part of my life. It is just when you couple sports with competitevness, gambling usually happens.

Anyway, moving on. I had mentioned that I had come to an important crossroads this week. Survey says... I'm OK now. It has been a terrible month and a half and I am going to ease myself back into it. One of my recurring thoughts that if you are going to be successful in poker, you need to master the ring game. That has been my achilles heel as I haven't been able to do that once I started moving up in limits. I'm not giving up on that quest as I will return to this venture in the future... but for now.... I am who I am. My success has been in tournaments so I am now officially announcing the return of the SNG Fest (part deaux).

Yes, you heard it here first.. starting in October, I will return to primarily playing SNGs. Primarily, you say? Yep, this time around, if I feel like playing a MTT, then I will. If Ring play is my fancy for the day.. go for it... I'm not going to set a goal amount to play such as I did last time with the 200 (which I easely attained playing 282).

I came to my decision after reading comments from others and.. after I had fired up 11 $55 SNGs this month with a 54.55% ITM rate and 57.02% ROI. It just felt like home.

So hopefully this next chapter in my poker life will help me grow in my poker maturation process. Time will tell.


My football picks have been dreadful these past two weeks; but I did put a disclaimer on them saying that my first 4 weeks picks are inconsistent. Hopefully, starting this week, things will get better. I will try and post them here later this afternoon; but as always, you can find mine and others over at Scurvy's Bonus Bug site.


Performify said...

I like the idea of you heading back to the SNGs - you did very well for yourself with the last challenge.

Best of luck, Will.

Oh, and register for the Pokerstars Blogger tournament if you're available for it. Details on my blog...

surflexus said...

Good luck in the SNGs WW. Surf

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