Monday, September 12, 2005

Up and Down Weekend

While I am still in my quasi-poker hiatus, I did play a little this weekend. It started off with our monthly home game on Friday where I was knocked out early. I think this makes something like my 15th straight tourney without a win. I then proceeded to almost make back the buyin in just our normal home game poker games. As usual, it was fun.

I also played in a tournament on Poker World last night. It was the monthly 3K guarantee freeroll for the 50 people that finish in the top 50 of their tournament leaderboard. I had made $842 for the month and still finished something like 15th so that kind of tells of how much traffic is on that site. Anyway, I ended up 5th for a $225 payday so that officially ended my 5 day losing streak in poker. I will continue on my quasi-poker hiatus... at least through tonight.

This weekend was really all about FOOTBALL!!!! It started off great on Saturday as my 3 favorite teams that I follow all won. It started off with a big win for Notre Dame in the big house... Georgia hung on against South Carolina and then in the biggest game... My Longhorns came back in beat Ohio State in front of nearly 106,000 people at the horseshoe... What a game!!!!

My Cowboys then had a good Sunday "picking off" the Chargers in San Diego. The offense looked great... Still need some work on defense... specifically the defensive backfield.... Newman continues to worry me.... Now, the Rams, on the other hand... UGH!!! Could there have been a more ugly loss. I have said this and it bears repeating here... Mike Martz may be the worst coach in the NFL. I don't know if anybody saw the opening kickoff; but our guy caught the kickoff at the one yard line while stepping out of bounds. That would be bad enough by itself; but Mike Martz, in his inffinate wisdom, decided to challenge the play. WHAT???!???. My 20 month old could have told you that he was out of bounds. The special teams continued to kill us (giving up a punt return for a TD and giving up an onsides kick).. .UGH!!!!!!!

My buddies are now calling Mr Bad Beat. After them hearing all my stories about poker.. that is.. Anyway, I am the defending champion in our fantasy football team.. I had one of the best years of all time in our league. Anyway, the good news is that I scored the 3rd most points this week in our league. Unfortunately, I played the two people that scored the most.. so I am now 0-2. One of the losses coming on virtually the last play of the Sunday night game in which I had the Colts defense. They gave up a touchdown at the end that cost me 2 pts and I lost by 1 point... Ouch.. Oh well, if I didn't have bad luck, I wouldn't have any at all.

Back to college... I had published my six top picks... Here they are for review

1) Ga Tech -12.5 vs NC LOSS
2) Minnesota -13 vs Colorodo St WIN
3) Va Tech -20 at Duke WIN
4) Florida - 29.5 vs La Tech WIN
5) Air Force -7.5 vs San Diego St WIN
6) Boston College -27.5 vs Army WIN

I went 5-1 with them only losing the Georgia Tech game. Overall, my spreadsheet was 25-17-3.
So far so good. I will put 6 more out there around Wednesday.
That puts my top picks at 8-4 (66.67%) and overall 52-36 (59.09%). I will definitely take that for the start of the year.


GaryC said...

Will, your picks were damn good, unfortunately I took the G.T. game in my four team parlay. I thought your Horns looked pretty damn good too. Congrats and way to go on the tourney.
I will be slowing down for a while now also after my escapades this weekend. I think I've made it to step 2 of the 12 step program.
Give me some good picks this week.


WillWonka said...

4 teamers are nice when they hit.. I typically break it down into 2 2-gamers... or a 3 and 2...

I feel your pain on the other stuff.

Performify said...


I responded to your query on my blog, but here's a response cross-posted to your house: :)

I've got Priest + Larry in one league, but in the bloggers league I ended up in a very similar situation: I took Priest with the third overall pick but LJ got sniped in the fourth round.

LJ is probably only going to see 10 carries a game, but his explosiveness + the dominating Chiefs offensive line means he's a big threat to break a big run at any time.

Priest is still going to be a top tier back, no question. This week he should have a huge game against the Raiders.

GaryC said...

I thought I read or heard an interview that they were going to lessen the load on Priest because of his age. I think LJ will be getting at least half the carries and the Priest/LJ combo would be the ultimate way to go.

Of course, Priest is still going to get into the end zone with certain regularity, so he's still an excellent choice. Johnson sure looked good Sunday also.

Where are the picks this week? I need some help.


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