Thursday, September 01, 2005

Stick a Fork in Me

Another beauty of a night... I only ended up $76 down for the night; but it was a struggle the whole way. I will say that most of it was lost while our table got shorthanded. I may be the worst shorthanded player on this earth. Anyway, I caught second-best-hand-itus during that stretch (sometimes even third best after flopping 2 pair to lose out to str8 and trips). I did play in the Poker Room freeroll last night. For some reason it was a limit tournament. You could tell it was a freeroll.. almost every hand was getting capped preflop. There were over 800 people and it got to the point where I just pushed with my good hands. I was either going home early or building up the stack. The former won out was I went out in 500th place out of 880. I don't know how long that was; but I know I didn't make the first break.

So for the month, it put me down $944... obviously, my worst month ever. It reiterates my thoughts that I must not be worthy of a 5/10 player. What is more frustrating is that I was up $1000 after a week in August and whittled it all away. My total for the year is a gargantiuan (sp) $2,393. Call it the sophomore year jinx or whatever; but I believe that you can officially stick a fork in me, I'm done.

Any thoughts of actually making a steady income playing poker are being thrown out the window. So what does that mean? It means that I won't be playing nearly as much. The good news is that maybe it will get back to the "hobby" status where I was playing just because I enjoyed playing at the money didn't mean anything. Not that it means anything now as again I have never withdrawn anything. With the fall TV show and football and hockey coming up, my attention will be diverted elsewhere and maybe the break will be good for me. The shame of it is that I really, really enjoy playing poker.

We've all read posts about us poker players balancing our real life. I feel have done that for the most part; but that will become even more of a focus now. I'm sure Mrs Wonka will enjoy more... or maybe she won't.. we'll just have to play it by ear.

So I'll probably take a few days off to figure out what my September goals will be. I have my fantasy football draft tonight.

By the way, it goes without saying that my thoughts and prayers are with the folks down in the Gulf region as they are dealing with the aftermath of the storm. And while on the subject, as we approach 9/11, my thoughts also go out to the people that lost loved ones as I'm sure that they will be reminded of that day as the 4 year anniversary draws closer. I did watch a show on the National Geographic channel called Inside 9/11 that was ver interesting which kind of detailed out the planning of the attack.

That shold do it for now. Peace.. Out.

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GaryC said...

The fork's not really stuck in you, is it?


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