Friday, December 30, 2005


I've really enjoyed reading about everbody's DADI experience. It was a great time and a great success. I would also like to think 3Jacks and the Devil's Advocate for putting this together. I can't wait for the next one... even it will be Omahaish.

Nothing too exciting to write about. My very first hand was AA and of course I raised it up and what do I see.. DoubleAs is raising it up... wow... what to do... I pushed and he folded and replied with "the hammer".. Boy, two hands that bloggers are looking for and it happened on the first hand. Speaking of the hammer... in Round2 I am sitting with the hammer in the BB.. phluxer (I apologize for not knowing the link) just calls in middle position and I check. For the record, I am not a big overplayer of the hammer as I have mentioned in other posts. This turns out to be a good thing... Low and behold the flop comes 752... I check and call phluxers 225 bet. What!!! the turn is card is a what... that's right.. a deuce... Again I check and call phluxers 225 bet... River card is a 4 of clubs which puts 3 clubs out there... This time I lead out 565 to put phluxer all in. He goes into the tank and finally calls with QQ. Had I raised with it from the BB, I'm sure I would have gotten re-raised and probably would have folded... so it worked out nicely.

From there in the first few rounds.. things were clicking on all cylindars... and then it happened... a few missplaced bully moves and cold cards and IGHM.. Out in 22nd out of 62; but again, I had a great time chatting it up. Congrats to change100 impressive victory.

A couple of miscellaneous things.

I have finally updated my month to date stats. My intentions are to do that on a weekly basis; but sometimes I just forget about it. I also hope to redo my links section (including a St Louis bloggers section) real soon.

I've also broken down and added a link to Absolute poker. They were good enough to give me many things and on top of that they are offering a 200% first time bonus (although I believe it expires on Dec 31st). That is hard to beat. Oh and there is the part of where I deposited $1,000 and have turned it into $4,073 since December 1st. That's always nice. That kind of tells you the caliber of players there. This has been mostly short handed tables and one nice tournament. So please click on the link and give it a try and let me know how it goes. Again, the 200% match ends the 31st so hurry... I'm not sure what the deposit bonus will be after that; but hands down, Absolute is the best site for bonuses.. They offer new deposit/reload bonuses practically every week.


fairnbalncd said...

I got my AP call right before the DADI and they were very nice and polite on the phone. I'm heading back there some time this weekend myself.

Here's to a better and profitable New Year for you and the rest of us WW!

GaryC said...

Happy New Year, Will and the Wonka family. May next year bring more nut hands and less bad beats!

The Sooners held on, but you are right, it was a bit of a nail biter. If it helps at all, I'm pulling for the Horns next week.


TripJax said...

I had AA on my first hand and did a 3X raise and had all folds...damnit!

At least I didn't lose the hand I guess...

Look forward to reading your 2006 posts Wonka...

Jestocost said...

Saw the hammerboat hand. It was epic.

Sorry it didn't carry you to victory to defend the honor of all St. Louis bloggers. I certainly wasn't even coming close.

cc said...

sweet bonus--i've just gone away some from Party to FullTilt, so I'll wait to hear how AP goes.

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