Sunday, December 11, 2005

Return to the scene of the crime

I had an enjoyable weekend... I got crushed in my 2 fantasy games, I was eliminated from Pigskin challenge (pick one game a week) which we were down to about 11 people from almost 150; but at least the Cowboys won so that makes the whole thing tolerable.

I continued to play at AP at the 3/6 and 5/10 level. The good news is that no one angered me so therefore I was not conquered. Actually, it was a good weekend as I believe that I was up almost $700 so I can never complain about that. I did try a few different things; but it is probably just the plus side of variance that hit. It is truly amazing that when you are playing at a level that most likely can't materially effect your bankroll, you can focus more on making the right decisions and not getting heartburn when things don't go right. Out of the 11 sessions for the weekend, I had 8 positive ones. I know, I know, you should never write about good weekends as you are probably destined for some bad ones.

One thing that I just got wind of was a site called For those of you who don't know what this site is, it is a site of people that have recorded their poker sessions on their PC and have made them available to the general public for free. I have downloaded a few of them over the last week and I think it has really helped my game. I can't recommend it enough. They have all levels and the list is growing everyday. I may even give it a go soon. They have forums to discuss the hands which is pretty cool.

Part of the deal of going to AP was that I would get an AP T-shirt. Well, that arrived on Friday or Saturday along with a hat, Polo shirt and boxer shorts and stickers. Thanks AP. So far, I have obviously enjoyed playing there. Again, the traffic hasn't picked up very much from the last time that I played there; but there are always plenty of holdem tables to be found... you may have to play a little short handed for a while; but they usually fill up pretty quickly. They are certainly the king of giving out bonuses as I continually get emails from them every week.

I also got some mail this weekend from Empire Poker invited me to their $10,000 "Special" Freeroll. Obviously, I don't feel too special as I'm sure that plenty if not all of the Empire players received this letter. The funny or ironic thing about it is that I received an email from them way back inviting me to a $10,000 Freeroll. To keep the story short for those of you that haven't read my older blogs, I actually ended up winning the thing. I was 1st out of 983 people for an especially nice $2,100 payday which almost tripled my bankroll at the time. This was my first big win and catapulted me into bigger and better things. So hopefully, I will be able to play this tourney and I'm sure that it will feel like I am returning to the scene of the crime.

So.. the plan is to continue to play at AP and also mix in some tournaments (either SNG or MTT).


GaryC said...

Nice going Will. Glad to see things have turned around. Keep up the good work.


Never-Limp said...

Good to hear! Can you elaborate on some of the things you did differently? Also, are you getting rakeback and bonus at Absolute?

WillWonka said...

I'm going to hold off on what I am doing differently to see if it is just positive variance... If not, I will definitely write about it.

No rakeback on Absolute.. just bonus. Sites normally deduct bonus from rakeback anyway. I've only worked off 40% of the bonus anyway.. so I have plenty.

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