Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lost Idol

I think one of the best things ever invented was the Tivo/DVR. I don't specifically have Tivo, I have Dish Network's DVR. As a matter of fact, I have 2 Dish Network DVRs. One for me and one for Mrs Wonka. I know, pretty lame; but that is how we roll. I now almost never watch live TV and it is great. This even counts for sporting events. Watching football games in hour hour is great. Commercials are a thing of the past for me. You just got a love it.

So, speaking of sports, Game 1 of the NBA Western Conference Finals are on. Cool. I'll just set the DVR and watch it when baby and Mrs Wonka go to bed. Now, I must say that I'm not a very big NBA fan. I love the college game; but that has never transcended to the pro game. Anyway, I went on vacation to Phoenix last summer and since them, I have kind of adopted them as my team. No rhyme or reason. The Celtics were "my" team before... mostly because my dad liked them. I can usually tolerate the NBA once it gets down to the finals. I can tolerate almost anything when it gets down to the best vs the best.

OK then, so I go to set the recorder to record the game and Mrs Wonka has already set it record American Idol and something else on MY DVR. She said she was already recording Lost and something else on hers. I was a little ticked. Again, not a huge fan and it is only game one afterall; but wouldn't of it been great to see Steve Nash pull his heroics. Yes, I could have recorded the end of the game; but I didn't. My bad.

Speaking of Lost. I've been a little disappointed over the past couple of episodes and that carried over to the season finale. I mean, come on. How many subplots can you put into a show until it becomes overkill. So, my review of last nights Lost was ehh. Mrs Wonka liked it so there you have it. She then goes down to watch Idol. And then she says... I just wanted to watch the last five minutes to see who won. HUH???? You took 2 hours of MY DVR to watch the last 5 minutes? OK, OK.. she did end up watching most of it. I'm just glad that it is over with now.

With the weather getting nice, I'm glad that most of the shows are over now. It's going to be a nice hot weekend for the kiddies here in St Louis when they open the pools.

Oh yeah poker. More of the same. down another $150. Was down $300. closed down my remaining two 3/6 tables and opened up one 5/10 and doubled through there and just quit.

A couple of interesting hands in the category of "Things that make you go hmmmm"

First, KK Capped Flop 4 players. Axx flop. I capped, so I lead out. raise and a cold call. 1 fold. Big pot so I peel one. Turn A... Hmmm.. I check. Next guy bets, next guy raises. OK, I quit. Fold. I don't remember River.. but it was AJ vs AT. I never did go to Poker Stove to find out how much I was ahead with only 2 Aces being out there preflop... and then both of them showing up on the board. Very typcial of the ways things have been going. I just looked up my KK over the last 2 months. A whopping 78% of the time an Ace showed up on the flop or Turn. I didn't lose all of those; but I certainly ran scared a bit.

Second. QQ. Capped preflop with 4 players. AKJ flop. Since I capped, I led out and got raised by maniac. At this point, I am so frustrated that I just go to call down mode and will make the crying calls. I kept checking and he kept betting and I kept calling. Good news is that he chased everybody else out and only had JT. I had to do a double take when the chips came my way. It was a nice piece of good luck in the midst of all of my bad luck. Unfortunately, it was pretty much my only good luck last night.

I went back to my more aggressive self last night and it was a bit more enjoyable; but results weren't there; but overall happy with the session and overall decisions made during the session.

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MiasDaddy said...

Hi - clicked your link from Little Acorn Man's page - and am running a similar way with my game at the moment.
my blog page is

Interested in your looking at the various coaching things - would be grateful if you could let me know how they go, if you have a spare minute, I am thinking of doing something similar.

Good luck on the tables, the swings will come back your way.


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