Friday, November 10, 2006

Number 200 and Forced Changes

Longevity in any activity is something to be impressed with whatever the activity might be. I recall my beginning days of playing poker that eventually led to blogging. This here post marks my 200th post which in reality is really nothing to be impressed with as it took about a year and a half to get there. I remember my first days of blogging how exciting it was to talk poker (especially when there is nobody to really talk poker around me). I would make a post and check back often to see if someone had replied or commented and low and behold on the 11th post, I got some comments. Happy Days... especially when it was from people that I had been reading. Hella Holdem was my very first commenter followed closed by Mourn who has sense stop blogging. Soon after that, I met some great blogger friends and the rest is pretty much history. I remember the days of blogging and then getting into chatting and the whole nine yards and it was awesome. There have also been some blogger heavyweights that have been instrumental in me keeping up the habit. One thing is for sure, blogging seems to be a continuing cycle which is great. Every few months, a new wave of new poker bloggers show up and it definitely keeps things refreshing. On the other hand, there are bloggers that seem to quit. I'm quite positive they all had their reasons and that they were good ones.

One thing that has not been nice about poker and blogging is the un-support (for lack of better words) that I was/am getting from my wife. Well, the fit hit the shan last week. One promise that I had made was that I wouldn't play poker until the kids were in bed. That was a pretty easy promise as I love staying up with the kids and spending time with my wife watching shows are whatever. Really kid, at this point. The two year old takes most of my time while the 3 month old spends most of her time with Mrs Wonka. Anyway, rewind back to last Wed. I actually decided to sign up for the Mook early, which I rarely do as I don't always get up to the computer early in the evening and if I do, it is only to check email. So I signed up around dinner time and told Mrs Wonka that I would be playing around 9PM Central Time. Around 7:30, after I had given Toddler Wonka a bath, she got pretty zoned in on movie (Toy Story I believe which she calls Woody) so I decided to decided to go check on things upstairs. I told her that I would be right back. I didn't have much email so for whatever reason, I decided to open a poker table and as we all know by now, the Mook started one hour early this night so I never did make it down to put her to bed and Mrs Wonka had to do it. Well, suffice it to say, she wasn't very happy and certainly wasn't enthuised when I told her that I won it. Anyway, that was pretty much the beginning of the end. Couple that with her actually taking my keyboard and mouse and hiding it the next morning (which I did find with out too much problem; but that is besides the point), we have definitely reached a crossroads. Of course, it is a no brainer as to who/what is going to win. I knew the problem had climaxed as I offered to feed Baby Wonka around 11PM the next night. Rewind a bit, for whatever reason, Baby Wonka this time around does not want to sleep through the night so my wife is getting up multiple times to feed and she was obviously complaining about being tired. By this time, here 12 weeks were up and she was already back to work so the lack of sleep was definitely not a good thing. Anyway, when I said that I would feed her in return for telling me where the keyboard and mouse was and she said no, that told me the extremity of the problem. So things changed the next day.

So, blogging is probably, most likely going to be the one thing that I will give up. As I mentioned above, the early days was exciting and I sure didn't have much trouble coming up with things to write about. Well, that has certainly ended as I struggle all the time and pretty much just crank out very similar posts regarding my play for that week which must get very boring over time. Will my poker playing go down? Most likely; but probably not a whole lot. I still enjoy playing very much. I just won't blog about it as often. I don't plan to go completely away; but will again be taking a little break around it until we get settled more around the house with the kids.

So last Wed night had emotions to both extremes. It was very exciting winning my first Mook; but the cost might not have been worth it. It will be OK as we have gone through this before. I was just a little more hard headed on the compromises that I/we had to make. I realize now that I have not be holding up my part of the bargain in helping out with the kids and household chores and hopefully things will improve.

I will still will be making it when I can to blogger events such as the Hoy and Mook and DADI, when possible. I will be defending my title in the Heads Up Challenge which starts this week so I will be around and look forward to contiuing to read about how things are going.

So for now,

See you later!!!


Bill Rini said...

Keep posting!

doubleas said...

boo that! WTF

tell that bitch that she is your wife and that she better start acting like it!

kidding sort of.

Good luck and hope it all works out.

TripJax said...

It's tough, but as long as you don't go completely away, all will be ok. Congrats on the Mook win!

kipper said...


I have another keyboard and mouse you can use and have as an extra...Tell your wire that she is lucky you are not a 'gamer'

pokerpeaker said...

You've done a great job in recognizing a problem and doing something about it. I had to come to terms with it myself in my mountain climbing. The climbing is more dangerous, takes more time and takes me away completely, but there's also an off-season, which helps tremendously.

There's nothing wrong with writing only when you're truly inspired. My profession could use a lot more of that actually.

Don't let her completely control you...sometimes I have to put my foot down with my wife...and yet it's great that you can change your favorite pastime for the better of your family. I had to do that too.

Good luck Will.

Anonymous said...

Me and the wife have had that "discussion" before when I've played deep into tourneys and/or play while they're up.

It's about compromise, hopefully she's willing to give in a little so you can keep your hobby.

Michael said...

Good luck, Will. Here's to hoping you and Mrs. Wonka find equilibrium in your life. :-)

cc said...

I hope the rest of the year will be a great time for you and your entire family.

PSUGrad said...

Do what I do... give up sleep.

GaryC said...


All of us "family" men have had to fact this challenge at one time or another. Like Drizz said, it is all about compromise.

Get 'er done.


GaryC said...

OR "face" this challenge, however you prefer to look at it.

Hang in there.

Ameretto said...

Will, I've enjoyed you posts, but needs must, and to be sure if it was a choice between poker, blogging, or the wife, I know what I'd choose.

Good luck with whatever way the crossroads lead you.


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