Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Please Shoot Me

This has not been a very fun week and a half. Luckily, it hasn't been due to poker playing. I got some bacterial infection that totally kicked my butt. I was totally useless. Everything hurt. After 4 days, I finally broke down and went to the doctor and he gave me some drugs. They seem to be slowly but surely working; but the bad news is that my little 2 month old now seems to have the same thing.

I also had some surgery done to my ailing wrist (tendonitus). I still have a a wrist bandage on and will have it until early next week which stinks. Having to cover it up when you takes showers is a pain in the butt. So the last time that I played poker was last Friday and I tried doing it left handed on the mouse. It just didn't feel right so I ended up going back to using my right hand. It was one of those sessions that you just couldn't really believe your eyes . If I hit top pair, then it held up. Two pair on flop. Good!!! Etc, Etc... I'll take thame when I can get them.

So besides that, I haven't played any poker in a week. I am ready to get back to the action.

I did play in the 2nd chance Mookie last night. I don't know if it is legal to play in the 2nd chance when you didn't play in the first chance. Anyway, there were 4 tokens available and was lucky enough to make it to the final 4. I had gotten a little unlucky prior to that with the big stack losing on the river when I had people dominitated; but they hit their off card. Towards the bubble, I'm the one that got lucky when my flopped top pair wasn't good enough for someone's flopped two pair. The board paired and I ended up with a bigger two pair. That's Poker. We pretty much all went all in when we got down to final 4 and we all had tokens. My powerful 86o got 2 pair for the win. We are now heads up and my TT luckily caught a nice river against JJ and I took it down. Some are now saying that they would rather this continue to be money tournaments instead of token tournaments. While I understand why they feel this way, Mookie is just trying to help others make it to the big game and for that, my vote continues for the token 2nd chance tourney.

I did win my way to the Iron Man Freeroll this month and as always am looking forward to that.

Have a good day.


jjok said...

see ya at the iron freeroll

Slimeface said...

Wish you both a fast recovery!

Michael said...

Rough stretch, Will. Rest up and you and the youngin' get well!

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