Monday, June 04, 2007

Bubble Boy!!!

I did something last night that I rarely do. I just played one table at a time. It was kind of refreshing just to pay attention to one table. I actually did some chatting which I normally never have time to. First, I played a HU SNG to win my token into the Hoy.

Of course, I'm speaking of the Mondays at the Hoy . Things went swell for me early on. AK was nemesis the other day, it was my savior at the MATH... at least early on as I went 5 to 5. The only problem was that I never went to showdown with it. I even hit the flop playing a variety of ways.. re-raising... cold-calling and open raising... I did try limping one time (the 6th time). Flopped a Gut shot on a QQT; but the host himself bet out and I wasn't getting good enough odds to draw to the inside straight.

That was a common theme. Not going to showdown. Would you believe that out of the 244 hands that I played, only 7 of them went to showdown? That's about 3%. That seems really low to me. And not that I was playing overly tight.. At least in my opinion. I was seeing about 18% of flops and preflop raising about 13%. All that seems normal. I mixed things up and bet draws, played fast and slow on flops that hit me. I just didn't get any action. The bad news is that I only won 37.5% of them. A few of them really hurt.

About midway, I did win a hand that went to showdown against Garthmeister's steal attempt when his T9s lost to my pocket 9s. Things continued to go well and when we got to the final table, it looked something like this.

Buddy Dank 28K
Willwonka 23K
NewinNov 21K
VinNay 21K
Mtnrider81 15K
Patchmaster 14K
HighOnPoker 11K
Hoy 10K
PushMonkey72 9K

I kind of resigned myself to playing tight until we got to the money. Sometimes, I wish I would listen to myself. About 2 hands into the final table, I pick up pkt 4s in MP. Blinds are 600/1200 with 150 antes. I raise to 3,750 of course just wanting to pick up the blinds. It folds around to Hoy who thinks for awhile from the button and pushes his remain 9.4K remaining chips.

Sidebar... Hoy must think that he Chris Ferguson as he often takes a lot of time to make his move whether it be Fold, Call or Raise. Maybe he is playing some cash games while playing the Hoy... nope.. just the one table.. at least at FTP at the time that I looked. Not that it bothers me (too much ;-); but for crying out loud... Chris Ferguson he is not.

Back to the hand. Now we have heard many a time that Hoy never makes moves and blah blah. Well, his all in was A9o... which last time I checked was even worse that JackAce. Getting almost 3 to 1 and knowing that you have to win a race or two, I called and lost the race when the 9 came on the turn.

That immediately brought me to 3rd to last place and now I know that I will be fighting to make it to the money.

Sidebar 2.... I know you need to get lucky and Hoy, himself got lucky early on as his hammer outflopped ChapelncHills AJs. so call it what you want; but you got lucky. Of course CH only limped with this AJs and allowed Hoy to see the flop for free since he was in the BB.... oh wait, no.. Hoy raised it from the BB. It is what it is. He is obviously going to play this hand. Best of luck to you; but I'm in the camp with many others that the hammer is a little outdated; but on the other hand, you need to bluff a little in these things to win and it might as well be 72o.

One hand that would have been lucky for me was Presto... I raise from EP.. cause you know.. 55 is gold. two callers (oossuuu754 and J from HOP).. flop comes A34. oossuuu checked and I wimped out as well.. Mr HOP did not and led out with a pot sized bet and then Mr OSU went all in so I obviously had to fold... needless to say the 2 came on the river and presto is gold, indeed. That would have put me in 2nd place about mid way through. Oh well..

Back to the final table. We lost two players and we are down to the bubble. I'm sitting at 10K and the big shortstack at table. I'm on the button and I look down and find an OK hand... K9 off. Blinds are 800 and 1600 with a 200 ante. It is folded around to me and I paused a couple of seconds.. why, I don't know (Chris Ferguson, I am not) and I moved all of my chips into the middle. Hoy in the BB doesn't wait until the 15 second warning and calls with KT and my night is over... but wait... Flop comes 9KQ. I've flopped 2 pair... Turn is a meaningless 3... River.. A crushing J to give Hoy a 4 card straight. The old suck, resuck.... which... you know... sucks. So I am out on the bubble... and yes Hoy, got lucky again... He won his races.. he got his good flops and got the river cards when he needed them. Lord knows, he has been on the other side of this so maybe it is Justice. I just wish it wouldn't have been at my expense.

BTW, he ended up 2nd so congrats to Hoy and congrats to VinNay for taking it down.

That's Poker..

UPDATE: BTW, speaking of suck, resucking. I had a little discussion with my brother yesterday whether or not resucking is considered a bad beat. His contention is that if you get all you chips in the middle as a favorite and win, that it is not a bad bead regardless of how the board has been prior to the river card. For example, in the WPT when Joe Hachem had QQ for AQ and an Ace came on Turn but his one outer Queen came on the river. My feelings is that when anybody lays a one outer on you, it is a bad beat. Similarly, when Hoy got his straight on the river, I consider that a bad beat. So, maybe the question is... can you have 2 bad beats in the same hand. I guess I'm saying that you can. What do you think?

Have a Nice Day!!!!


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

#1 I am Chris Ferguson. Literally. Ever wonder why you haven't ever seen us in the same room at the same time?

#2 IMO it's kind of a stretch to call me "lucky" last night. I mean, I recorded exactly zero suckouts in the entire tournament, and I got sucked out on in sick fasion twice, including allin with the chip lead in heads-up action. What I did was I won two big races at the final table, plus that resuck against you. Hard to call a resuck being lucky now, isn't it?

In all it was fun playing with you as always, but I think when you combine the above with the horrific starting cards I had throughout and my 9% of flops seen, "lucky" is not exactly the word that comes to mind.

WillWonka said...


#1.. Who knew

#2.. I mean Lucky in overall perspective.. I've posted many times that you need to get "lucky" to win or go deep in tournies... Luck can be anything from having your good hands hold up.. winning the important races.. and the occasionaly re-sucking..

To me that is luck. Luck doesn't always to be perceived as sucking out on people. Luck could also mean that you have AA when somebody gets KK.

I do think, maybe, that I am mis-using the word luck. Maybe there is a better term for it.

Hitting 2 pair with the hammer against AJs with an Ace on board and flush draw is LUCKY!!!! Yes, you were ahead when the chips went in.

9% is low.. Seems too low.. I had you at around 19% VPIP if my memory serves me right which again is a stretch as my memory is pretty poor; but I do remember looking it up when I posted this.

Anyway, wasn't using the word luck in a negative way... other than I was unlucky (in the same overall perspective) as I pretty much handed you all of my chips. I'm disapointed you didn't take it down with all of my chips... lol

Thanks, as usual, for organizing the tourney.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Yeah VP$IP and Flops Seen should be different numbers. Think of all the preflop stealing that goes on late in these tournaments. Every time I raise, steal a pot and never see a flop, that goes into my VP$IP but not into my flops seen. I was at 9% of flops seen by the end of the tournament, which is pretty sick if you know my game.

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