Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why do all the Good Shows Go Busto

One of my favorite TV shows is be cancelled this year. Well, truthfully, after only one year. More on that later. (of course).

Poker. How I love and hate you at the same time. Speaking of Busto, I went busto again on Full Tilt last night. Nothing particularly interesting. I did play one SNG where about mid way through after getting my Cowboys busted, I was down to 80 chips. I somehow worked my way back to the lead with 4 people remaining. I actually knocked the 4th place person down and we were in the money and I had a pretty big chip lead. I get AK in the SB and push all in against the semi shorty BB. He would have been left with about 4BB. Anyway, he calls with QJ of clubs and the flop is all clubs. The very next hand on the button, I get KT and push again only to get called by the same person who has AK. From rags to riches back to rags.

I went back to playing Ring play. Normally, you like to win a little over 50% of you pots when they go to showdown. I was at the impressive number of 34% over the past few days. I know what you are thinking. He must be playing every hand. Not so fast. I was playing at a normal clip for me around 28% playing 6max. My preflop raising was a little low around 12%; but not too surprising giving the cards that I was getting. Truly incredible river beats; but nothing worth repeating.

So unless I get to Walgreens tonight (to pick up a Visa Card), I may be missing my first Mook of the year. How depressing will that be? Which leads me to another subject. I'm one of those guys that never did sign up for another ewallet after the Neteller fiasco. Well, I believe it is probably time to get that going again. Anybody with any experience with ePassporte? Of course, nothing can really compare to Neteller as far as fees goes; but ePassporte might not be too out of whack?

I'm thinking I might return to the NL game as obviously the Limit game is kicking my butt. I've been playing a smaller site at the NL tables and have varied success getting my balance to around $1000. So until I get Walgreens, the only money I have now are on this small site called Poker World and Bodog. I will be getting some rakeback money to FullTilt; but not until the middle of next month. I could ask them for an advance which they have done before; but with the small amount (around $70), I may just wait.

Since I obviously don't have much to talk about regarding Poker, I'll switch over to TV. Now, to tell you the truth, I am not much of a TV watcher; especially pre-marriage. I was all sports and movies. Mrs Wonka, on the other hand, was all about TV.. network TV. She didn't have cable prior to getting married. So Anyway, I watch a few shows with her.

Without a doubt, my favorite TV show of all time was a show called Sports Night. It only lasted 2 or 3 seasons before it went Busto; but it was my favorite. I've even purchased the DVDs. The writer of that show was Aaron Sorkin. He has written movies such as the A Few Good Men and American President (both of which I liked). He also was the writer for the West Wing. I'm not into politics too much so I didn't really get into that show. Aaron's Sorkin's next show was something that is called Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. To me it is just a truly amazing show. Currently, it has about 4 or 5 subplots going on and he pulls it off like no others that I have seen. I'm not sure what Aaron Sorkin has on his plate next (other than some Tom Hanks movie); but I will be eagerly waiting.

Anyway, this week will be its last show as it is being cancelled. It just amazing to me that these well thought out and written shows make it to the cutting room floor amongst all the other trash that is being put out these days. I mean come on.. why are we watching things like "Am I smarter that a 5th grader?" or some of the other reality shows that are way out there.

I did a little tabulation. There are about 98 shows in Primetime. About 20% of them are Reality Shows, 32% are Dramas which does not include the 12% which are specifically Crime Dramas, 16% are comedys and 17% make up Sports, News and Game shows. I don't know what that really means other than I like stats. I was really expecting the Reality shows percentage to be higher and then I was going to go off on the overkill of reality shows. Don't get me wrong, there are some good reality shows (such as Extreme Makeover: Home Edition); but some of them are way out there and only there for shock value.

That's it for now. I do go to Harrahs on Sunday to hopefully take down there Monthly Tournament of Champions with a first prize of 10K. We'll see.

Have a nice Day!!!!


brdweb said...

Dude, sportsnight was a fucking GREAT SHOW!!!!! I have the dvd set as well. Two seasons, I believe two emmys, and it goes off?????

Never got into studio 60, I just have too many other shows on my tivo although i heard it was good.

jamyhawk said...

I have the sportsnight DVD's as well. Incredible that a show like that gets dropped and is replaced with 50 different variations of cheating spouses, or let me pick the biggest whore/suckup as my new girlfriend, or here is the most heinous crime ever-let's look at every detail of it until you want to throw up. . . oops. I am ranting now.
Good luck on Sunday!

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