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There are many things that I love such as Poker, a good movie, Dallas Cowboys winning football games and then there are many things that I despise such as bad beats, a bad movie and the Dallas Cowboys losing football games; but if there one thing that I could say that I really hate are hypocrites... or should I say hypocrisy in general. Saying one thing while you do the opposite just ain't right.

It just makes sense that you need to watch what you say to cover your own tracks.

Before I delve more into this, I want to first and foremost, Congrats are in order for the HoyMan for cashing in a 6 handed WSOP tourney. I was living the excitement through his words. My hands were sweating and the whole nine yards.

Speaking of HoyMan, one of his hands will be the subject of this here post.

I found it very ironical, funny (not funny haha; but funny peculiar), interesting and yes even hypocritical on one of his hands.

Let's go back to around April 10th where I wrote this post about my play in one of the MATH tournaments. The basic gist is that early in this deep stack tourney, I limp with JTs and call a raise out of position and get lucky on the flop and bust none other than Hoy himself when he pushed with ATs on a TJ7 flop. He of course went on a rant about my play.

Not to repeat everything that said there; but I realized when I made the call that it was a loose call and knew I had plenty of chips behind me (over 65BB) and could get away if need be. It is what it is and I don't have a problem with how I played it and probably would do the same given the same circumstances.

Anyway, I was reading Hoy's exciting recap of his great tourney run in the WSOP, I could not help but notice the following (taken from his blog )

"Nonetheless, when I had been at this new table for maybe just 15 minutes, nearing the end of hour 3 of the tournament, I raised preflop from the cutoff with JTs in diamonds, and everyone folded to the big stack guy in the big blind, who raised me about 2.5x the size of my raise. If it had been against anyone else, I am probably folding here, but against the only other big stack I could see, I decided to play the deep stacks and take a chance with a call, reminding myself not to do anything crazy with this flop unless it hit me good with either two pairs or a primary draw"

The last sentence bears repeating... "I decided to play the deep stacks and take a chance with a call, reminding myself not to do anything crazy with this flop unless it hit me good with either two pairs or a primary draw".

Hmmmmmm... sounds very familiar... funny how that call works for him but is uber-donkish when other people do it to him. Yes, there are subtle differences as far as position goes and reads.. yadiyadiya... We are still more or less comparing apples to apples here.

Then last night when I was railing a little bit of the MATH and the other wonka was building a stack and Hoy asked him which wonka he was... the A3 or the JT one... Very funny that he still does remember the hand. BTW, congrats to wwonka69 for his 2nd place finish. I'm happy to see that one of the wonkas did well. I ended up push AK thinking the cmitch was weak ; but he called with his pocket 7s and that was that. Bad Read...

So back to Hoy's JTs. Let me the first to say or most likely the 30th to say that I'm glad that it worked out for him as well as he was able to take out a deep stack or severely cripple him (I can't remember). It just goes to show you that you make your calls and live with them. Sometimes that work out great as they did from him in the tourney and for me in the MATH in April. Sometimes they don't. Just don't beat up others because you lose. Although, truthfully, I hope he continues to do it as they are most enjoyable to read.

I never took it personally and really enjoyed the exchanges afterwards. I heard from a few other accomplished MTTers that said it was a loose call and kind of bad limp to begin with and I appreciated them all. I'm here to learn. limping for 40 chips with a stack of nearly 3K is worth the risk to me as was calling an additional 200 OOP. It was my feeling and read at the time and I went with it.

BTW, I just realized that Hoy stole a little of my thunder as he also mentioned the comparison of the hand we had vs the hand he had in the WSOP. Oh well. That's blogging.

Have a nice day


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Wonka, I even thought of you when I made the call of the preflop raise with JTs in the WSOP. Literally while I made the call, I said to myself "this one is for Wonka". Good stuff.

It's funny though, what you describe as "hypocrisy" I describe as a valuable poker lesson that I learned from you. And that flexibility and open-mindedness is something that I'm proud of about my game, not something I am ashamed of. I'm glad that hand happened some time ago and I feel bad for you if you don't see that the way I do.

WillWonka said...

No worries here Hoy. I'm glad to here that you are flexible and open-minded. I know I am as I learn many, many things from people like you and other that post about their hands.

My only thoughts as you went on your typical "rant" (again which I love), it didn't sound like you were flexible and open minded. You were just be-rating my play (again, I don't mind... I can take it).

I'm glad it all worked out and I consdier my self set straight on the topic.

Congrats again on the cash!!!

Dremeber said...

Hi Wonka,

Great blog you have here.
Feel free to add it to the new poker bloglisting.


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