Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekends like they ought to be

It was a glorious weekend despite the weather here in St Louis being cold and rainy... again. Perhaps this week will be the week that we see Spring. We've seen glimpses so maybe, just maybe this will be the week.

Friday night started out with my hosting a game. We had a pretty good turnout as we had 20 people show up. I made the final table but I believe I went out in 7th place. Congrats to Iceman for taking it down. He had a huge chip lead once we got to the final table and he played his stack well. In other words, he was a bully.

Saturday, I had a quick hit and run session on FTP as I won 3 buyins in just 150 hands. You know you have aces and somebody has kings, you have a flush and somebody has a lower flush, etc... I had no intention of doing a hit and run; but baby Wonka just didn't want to take a nap this day. Finally, I just had to quit and attend to her. Truthfully, I wasn't too upset.

Saturdy night brought a decision. There were two possible home games to go to. There was the one that Jamyhawk introduced me to and there was another one in which I have played a bunch from an old coworkers father in laws. I ultimately went with the latter as I had only played in the other one once and since Jamyhawk wasn't going to be able to make (some lame excuse about a kids birthday... lol), I didn't really know anybody there. It turned out to be a good decision as I won the tournament for about $350. Gotta love that. I was severely crushed with about 5 people left when there was a huge 3 way pot and I actually had to fold on the river when 4 spades came on the board. It ended up that we both had AQ on a Q high board; but he had the Ace of spades. Later, 3 handed, I laid down 88 when there was a raise and a call. Nobody could really believe it. It ended up that I would have got rivered so I'll take it. I just hate calling for all my chips which this would have basically done. I wouldn't have called, I would have pushed; but it would not have been enough to make them fold.

And then finally, on Sunday I played the ThisIsTheNuts 10K Freeroll. This was looking really good for a while. There were almost 300 people and 1st place paid a little over $2,000. I was in the top 5 for most of the 1st hour and a half. But as I always say, you have to win the races and lost a pretty big one and then lost a 60/40 which more or less did me in. Ironically, I folded TT in a similar situation to above where there was a big raise and call. This time I would have won. Oh well. Anyway, I did make the money; but only $45 which is better than nothing.

To bad all weekends can't be like this not to mention that the Masters was on. As it turned out, it wasn't too exciting; but it was still THE Masters plus Direct TV had 3 channels devoted to the tournament so I had all 3 channels up at one time on their Masters Mix channel. Pretty cool.

I am now about 14,000 hands into my No limit experiment. Not doing great; but I'm doing OK for now as my winrate is about 5 BB/100 hands. I will make my decision on what to do once I reach 20,000 hands.

I should be at the MATH tonight so I will see everyone there.

Have a nice day!!!!

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