Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Missing Value

One of the leaks that I found when looking over some hand histories was that I was missing some value on some hands. Last night, a hand came up with a similar situation... or was it?

Our villain in this situation is a 35/4/1.4 over just 112 hands.

Here is the hand

Full Tilt Poker $0.50/$1 No Limit Hold'em - 9 players -
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BB: $70.30
UTG: $99.35
UTG+1: $100.00
UTG+2: $100.00
MP1: $78.80
MP2: $40.30
CO: $20.00
BTN: $58.15
Hero (SB): $132.25

Pre Flop: ($1.50) Hero is SB with 7d Ah
6 folds, BTN calls $1, Hero raises to $4, 1 fold, BTN calls $3

Don't you love the button limpers. I'm raising any ace here for sure.

Flop: ($9.00) 2d Js 5h (2 players)
Hero checks, BTN checks

I'm not sure why I didn't cbet here. I typically cbet 3 out of 4 hands historically and this is a board that I would typically cbet. Out of position, I guess I chose the conservative line.

Turn: ($9.00) Ad (2 players)
Hero checks, BTN bets $4, Hero calls $4

Option here was to check/raise, check call or just lead out. I chose to disguise my hand and continue with the weak hand game to make it look like I was just on a blatant steal preflop.
I chose check/call mostly for pot control reasons.

River: ($17.00) 7s (2 players)
Hero bets $12, BTN raises to $36, Hero requests TIME, Hero calls $24

Just an unusual line for me. I chose to donk bet here in hopes of inducing a raise. My line here is totally inconsistant and it looks like the button picked up on that. As you can see from above, I just called. Am I mising value here by not raising for his remaining $12? Truthfully, it doesn't seem like there is too many hands that beat me here.

Give me your thoughts.

For what it is worth, he was bluffing and probably would have folded; but that is really besides the point.

Final Pot: $89.00
BTN shows Qd 6d (Ace Queen high)
Hero shows 7d Ah (two pair, Aces and Sevens)
Hero wins $86.00
(Rake: $3.00)

Have a nice day!!!


cmitch said...

I think that you are missing value in this case. There are a lot of hands that he would call with, especially based on the size of the pot. I think he is probably calling the last $12 with any pair. Based on the way he played the hand (before reading his actual hand), I would have put him on a rivered two pair or a missed draw. You are obv getting called by the two pair and getting folds from the missed draws, but I think you have to make the raise b/c he is calling it so often with a worse hand.

spritpot said...

Yea I'd go ahead and shove it all in there too just because he'll be getting great odds to call so I think he'll call with any pair, as mitch said. The only think I'd be worried about is a slowplayed set on the flop.


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