Friday, February 27, 2009

More of the Same and Getting "The Call"

Wow, has it been 2 weeks since my last post. There have been many times where I wanted to post something; but just couldn't muster the energy. There are literally dozens of hands that I wanted to post to get some opinions. I am going to try to get better.

This month has continued to be a losing proposition. I can not gain any momentum. I'm definitely back to my roller coaster days and I need to start looking at hands a little more closely.

Here is a graph of the month.

So you can see the downward trend. Every once in a while I would make it back only to lose it again. I'm mostly still playing 100NL Full Ring on Full Tilt. I am down one buyin there and up a little over one buyin at AP. This loss is more or less is a 5 or 6 buy in downswing playing 50NL at PokerStarts one day. So, I'll finish up the month and then plan from there.
Nonpoker wise, the company that I work for is really struggling. We are a public, retail type company. Our stock sits around 14 cents so obviously times aren't so good. Anyway, last Friday I get a phone call and I can see it is the HR Vice President. Now, I'm not too naive to know what that means. Truthfully, it either means that he has an Excel question or I'm getting "The Call". I wasn't too surprised to find out that it was that dreaded call. The good news is that it wasn't an immediate lay off. I will still be working for 5 more weeks (4 more now). There will be a little bit more in the way of severance after that so suffice it to say, I'm on a little bit of life tilt. We'll see how it goes.
Have a nice weekend.


BoooomBaby said...

Brutal dude. Gl finding a new job. Tough run at the tables, is that your chart for the month, or what period of time? How many tables do you play at once? Please post some hands so we can analyze what's going on and get you out of the red.

Memphis MOJO said...

That sux, sorry to hear.

jamyhawk said...

Sorry to hear about your job. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

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