Sunday, February 01, 2009

Goodbye January!!! and Disappointment

Let's start with the disappointment. The Super Bowl. You Pittsburgh fans should be thanking your lucky stars tonight as the best team LOST tonight. You were obviously gifted a touchdown at the end of the first half.

There was also one drive where Arizona gifted you with 3 personal fouls. Let's talk about those three.

1. I absolutely hate this rule. The rule where an offensive runner can face mask a player; but if you the defensive player also touches the face mask, he is the guy flagged. Absolutely horrible rule; but by the rule, the referees called it right.

2. Roughing the passer. Terrible call. What was it, one second after the throw? Ben never fakes a throw, does he? Hmmm. Oh yeah, he does it all the time. Lord know Warner was hit just as late during this game. or should I not say not late; but late according to precedent setting call on Big Ben.

3. Roughing the holder. I think this one was much closer than everybody made this out to be. I wonder why Wilson was off balance? Could it be because he was blocked into the holder? If you watch the replay closely, it looks like he was pushed. Of course, Arizona was somehow able to hold Pittsburgh to a field goal.

But, the final score showed that you won. So congrats on winning your sixth Super Bowl. That last drive was certainly impressive. I think if Arizona had to do it again, they would not blitz those couple of times. Tough call there.

One thing is for sure. I sure hope that there are no more nay sayers as to Kurt Warner's credentials for getting into the Hall of Fame. Hopefully, he comes back as they certainly have the makings of a team that could come back.


Briefly, I will talk about the last hand I posted.

When a guy bets out on the river that much, it is a bluff a lot of the time. An agression factor of 7.0 is very high. His AF on other streets were much more normal in the 1.0 to 2.5 range. Anyway, was the call right? Yes and No as we chopped the pot with Big Slick.


Let me be the first say goodbye to January. I will definitely not miss you. Not much more to say. The graph below will explain much better than I ever could.

I played tonight and had an impressive profit of $3. One terrible hero call and four people hitting sets to my over pair or top pair didn't help much. I did win a set over set which basically pulled me back even for the day.

Have a nice day!!!

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