Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Homer Simpson

I was not a huge Simpsons fan; but I seem to remember an episode where either Homer or Bart would stick something in a electrical outlet and get shocked and go "Doh!!!!"... and then do it again, and again.... maybe it was a Pavlov's Dog thing where they had electrodes attached to a jelly donut and Homer would go... mmmm Donut... ...shock... Doh.... mmm Donut.... .. shock... Doh!!!!!!

That is how a felt last night... I have guaranteed a losing month after last night... Only the third one that I have had... except for this one is pretty substantial.

It started off in the 1K guarantee.... Everytime I decided to push.. I ran into AA or KK.. Nothing I can do about those.. The one thing that got under my skin... I have KQs... There was a raise and I went over the top... We ended up all in before the flop.... He won with A6... the very next hand (after I had rebought by the way).. I had AJs and I raise... we don't get all in... but he wins with KQs (hearts.. which is the same thing I had)... Now ain't that a kick in the junk...

Now on to ring play... The flavor of the day there was BB specials.... unfortunately I was on the wrong end of them.. Hands like Q2, 83, 76 were calling my preflop raises and winning.. Oh by the way did I say my high pocket pairs ran into Quads tonight... twice... Overall, it could have been a lot worse.. I ened up down $198. This was one of those nights that the cards weren't going my way; but I wasn't letting it affect me.. I just shook my head.

So to recap.... mmmm fishy table....... shock.... Doh!!!!!... mmmm fishy table.. .. shock Doh!!!... mmmmm fishy table... . shock... Doh!!!!

Apparently, PokerRoom has a 6K guarantee freeroll if you get so many points in a week.. I'm going to give that a try tonight.. Law of averages.. right?? lol.


GaryC said...

OOOOh, I know that ...doh!.....feeling. How many points do you have to acrue to get in that freeroll? Maybe, I have enough to join you tonight. Let me know what you find out, me likey freerolls.


WillWonka said...

I don't remember... If you go to the cashier and scroll down a bit, it talks about the freerolls that you have qualified for. It's tonight at 8PM Central. It's a weekly points thing.

littleacornman said...

They run a $3k one tonight and a $6k on Sat.I think its 300 points for tonights and 500 for the $6k.
If you don't have enough points you can enter the turbo qualifier on Sat. The cashier page has all the details.

Well worth playing in.I've placed twice in top 5 for $500.
Wednesdays tourney is too late at night for me.
Hope you both end up at the final


WillWonka said...

Thanks A.

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