Thursday, October 27, 2005

Movin On Up

Short and sweet today...

I am continuing to gradually work my way up to 15/30. It's just one of those things that I want to try. I do have the bankroll to play there so that is what I want to do. I'm also continuing to data mine the heck out of those tables. It's especially sweet for the data miners that you can open up 10 tables on Party now. I can be playing on one while data mining on 9 and with the help up Poker Aces HUD, it makes table selection so much easier.

Last night, I sat at an abnormally tight table. Why do I say that? Well, the table average had a VPIP of 20. I usually don't spend a lot of time on table selection (that is something that I really need to work on). I just adjust my game to the personality of the table. I ended up only playing 33 hands. I did win $138.50. My wife was wanting to watch some shows so I just decided to take another small win and be happy.

Here is the strange thing last night. As I said, I played 33 hands. Can you guess how many hands went to showdown? Zero... I won every hand that I saw the flop with... Now granted, while I'm doing this "movin on up" experiment, I am playing a little tighter than I do at the 5/10 tables (i.e. my VPIP last night was 18). At this point, I don't know how much of an anomaly that was so I didn't test the waters. I'm not going to get greedy while I learn the differences from 5/10 to 15/30.

I would appreciate any thoughts from others that have made the move from 5/10 to 15/30 on the differences of the game. At this point, I am happy with the quick hit and run victories while on the other side setting a strict loss limit while I am collecting the data.



Wow, none of the HUC1 challengers made it to the second round of the HUC2. Congrats to all the newcomers (and you know who you all are).


Joe said...

Please take my suggestions with a pound of salt as I've only been playing for a couple of months, however with that kind of success I would have just tried bluffing a bit more, just to see the success rate. If you try it once or twice and lose, you'll know to stay tight with minimal losses, however if you're that respected at the table try running with it, it could have added an additional $100 onto the night. If the table's that tight, play loose and clean up as much as possible.

Table image can be just as lucritive as table selection at the right times.

TripJax said...

as for the HUC2...

a dark day indeed.

come on HUC3 or maybe we need to try something new...

WillWonka said...

You are right about that Joe... believe me, the thought did cross my mind. For whatever reason, I'm still a little gunshy... over time, I hope to remedy that... over time, I should have more data to make such judgements upon.
Right now, I erroring on the side of caution.

cc said...

Will, regarding $5/10 vs $15/30 (I'm assuming you are referring to online vs. live), first I would say that table selection and table availability are important. I mostly won't play $15/30 before 3:00PM Eastern time as there just aren't enough poor players in general at that level. General observations (subjective, no data behind this): you definitely will see more non-pairs hold up at that level, less limping, more traditional play (less runner-runner check-raise on the river with nothing on the flop). That's not to say there aren't plenty of bluffs, bad beats, bad runs, etc. I tend to play more donkey poker the lower I go in stakes, so to your point I tend to be more focused at higher levels. Another little personal thing I do is never buy-in for the max that Party provides. On a $15/30 table, I'll buy-in for $410 or so. I also never post, waiting for the blind to come around.

I would disagree with joe's comment regarding table image, etc. You have to assume that everyone at the table has Poker Edge, Poker Tracker, and whatever else. As in $5/10, I also try to make sure I know who is multi-tabling (I don't do alot on that, but if someone is playing slow I'll search on them to see).

I've crashed and burned my online bankroll a couple of times going up to $15/30 and playing poorly. I'm back positive overall, making up the earlier losses.

WillWonka said...

thanks for the thoughts CC.

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