Monday, October 17, 2005


A few things.. probably will be bouncing around today.

No SNGs this weekend. I believe that is what is better about this SNG challenge. If I don't want to play them, then I don't. Last time, it was an exclusive thing for me. Neither way is wrong; but I like the flexability this time around. Like everybody else, I had to play a little bit of the Bad Beat tables at Party. No luck...

I played in a home game on Saturday and we got 2 games in. We we got down to Heads up, I flopped two pair... middle and bottom... we ended up getting all of our chips in and unfortunately he had top 2 pair... The good news is that I sucked out on him and boated on the river. The next game we are down to 3 handed and I flop 2 pair... middle and bottom and we get our chips all in... and you guessed it... she had top 2 pair.... lady luck wasn't on my side this time around and she took me out. You just don't see that everyday and I thought it was pretty interesting.. but then again, what do I know.

Last night, I decided to play in the 1K guarantee on PW as I hadn't played it in a while. Again this tourney is a $20 buyin with rebuys and addon. Things were neither real good or real bad for the first hour as I never needed to rebuy. I only got all my chips in once and my pocket Js held up. I did do the addon. Again, the real nice thing about this tourney is the amount of people that play. Last night there were only 29 players. Usually, it is even lower than that.

Anyway, on to the reason for the title of this post.... Rockets...

We get down to 5 handed and I am probably in 4th or 5th place. I am in the BB with 35s. It is folded to button who calls and SB calls. Of course I check and the flop comes 335... Button bets half pot which chases SB.. I, of course, call. Turn comes a Q.. again half pot bet... This time a due a min raise... he just called... River comes a 5... this time I lead out All-in and he insta calls with AA. Needless to say that put a huge dent into his stack and vaulted me to the lead. As it turns out, this same guy ended up going heads up with me. I increased my lead with him and it came down to me calling his allin when I had flopped an opened straight. He was severely short stacked so it was an easy call. I hit my straight on the turn and it was over for a nice $520 payday.

Anyway, as I said in my last SNG Month end review. NEVER SLOW PLAY ACES!!!! It's just not worth it. Perhaps when you get down to 2 or 3 handed.. then maybe... but how many times do you hear about Aces being cracked because someone slowplayed them. Aces against a full table are only going to win about 1/3 of the time.... Again, it is not worth it.. Even five handed, you are only winning 55% of the time. A nice raise and of course I would not have called with 35s. Not that I'm

Another interesting hand in this tourney involving the rockets... This was after the break... This hand 3 people got all in... It turned out being AA vs KK vs QQ... and of course the QQ hit their set and won... wow... I've seen it happen a few other times; but it never ceases to amaze me... online poker is sooooo rigged... LOL.

Another great football weekend if you are a Texas Longhorns and Dallas Cowboys fans. For the second straight week, the Texas Longhorn game on St Louis TV was switched over to a more "competitive" game. I guess I can't blame them. They switched over to the Michigan game which I heard was very exciting. I, myself, switched over to the Notre Dame game that I was recording on a different TV. How heart crushing was that game. Not only am I a UT fan; but I am also a big ND fame. So I of course wanted ND to win because they are ND; but that would have put UT #1. It came down to a 4th and 9 play that Leinert apparantly audibled and just made an unbelievable throw and catch. The coverage, I felt, was very good. Oh well.. At least they covered so I won my UT/ND 2 teamer parlay.

As for the rest of my football picks, they are going down badly. I will no longer be posting them on Scurvy's Bonus Bug site anymore as my spreadsheet is really sucking this year. Enough said there.

I had a good time chatting it up with GCox and Tripjax last night. One of the greatest things that I have discovered with online poker is that the great community of people that are out there.

Finally... I have finally reached the 20th century this weekend as I finally got a cell phone. I never wanted one.. I never needed one... etc.. etc... but now I have one... Of course this was wife mandated. I finally gave in... what can I do?

Oh yeah.. one more thing.. I did update my stats for October.. It was a good week.

Quite a bit of rambling today... Have a great week!!!


GaryC said...

Nice post, Will. Congrats on the 1st place finish.

I enjoyed the chat too and you are right, it does feel like a community.

Let me know when you are ready for the Shootout, because I will be there.


DuggleBogey said...

Beating slow played Aces feels like......JUSTICE...

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