Friday, October 07, 2005

SNG Part II - Day 5

What a great weekend of football we have coming up this weekend.. It starts off with college with the eagerly anticipated Texas - Oklahoma game. This will be the year that Texas starts to make up the recently lopsided matchup between these two teams. There is this one Oklahoma boy (and you know who you are) that actually thinks that OU will cover the spread and as I told him... dream on you little broomstick cowboy.... Texas by 23. Not only that game but Georgia/Tennessee, USC/Cal and Penn St/Ohio State.. another words...very much a BCS weekend... And then on Sunday, I will be going to Rams/Seahawks game.... plus Dallas plays Philadelphia which is actually on St Louis TV this weekend which is cool. I can now DVR it and watch it when I get home. Throw in that the weather is practically ideal in St Louis now that the heat is gone and it actually feels like fall now. I will be posting my football picks on Bonus Bug later today.

Oh yeah, poker. I did play 4 SNGs. Here are the numbers:

October SNG Breakdown
Oct 6
5 - 7
8 - 10

  1. 7th - KT lost to J9 with KT on flop... he rivered a straight
  2. 4th - K5s lost to AJ (at least it wasn't AQ... lol)
  3. 2nd - Q6 lost to A8.. I pushed open ended after flop
  4. 1st - AT beat 87

So far, I'm doing ok. Unfortunately, the trend of more 2nds than 1sts and more 4ths than 3rds continues. I need to figure out something.

Yesterday, I posted an interesting hand question. Here is the question again:

It was very early in the SNG as the blinds are still 10/15 and we all have about 1000 chips. I have not had time to make reads on anybody... I have A3 of clubs in the BB... UTG does a 3x raise to 45.. UTG +2 calls as does SB and myself. Flop comes 3h4c5c giving me bottom pair with a straight flush draw. SB checks, I check.. UTG raiser puts in a 200 bet (about the pot)... UTG+2 doubles that to 400... SB folds... What do you do?

OK... here's what went through my head.. Ok, these guys probably have some made hands... UTG raised. I usually respect UTG raises.. The fact that he got 3 callers doesn't really mean much since it was so early in the tournment (5th hand) and it only cost 45. There is a wide range of hands that everybody can have since it was cheap to see the flop. OK, the flop... not a bad flop for me.. I practically don't have enough fingers and toes to count my outs... but let's count anyway... 9 clubs... 2 threes... 3 aces... 3 twos.. wow 17 outs... making me about 68% to win. Gottal love those odds.. Even if Mr Raiser has Aces, I still like the odds. SB checks.. I check to see what Mr Raiser is going to do... he puts out about a pot bet of 200... and the next guy doubles to 400... about 2-1 to call... I easily have the odds to call... but... Mr raiser is yet to act.. what if he pushes... will I still be able to make the call.. If he pushes and the next guy calls then it is an even easier call as I would then be getting about 6-1. OK.. everything points at pushing.. Oh, one more piece of information... the previous 2 SNGS, I finished in 10th... yep last. You can see my previous posts to see my bad beats... Having said that, I layed (sp?) it down.. it was very hard to do..

Oh, I guess you want to know how it turned out... Mr Raiser did push and the next guy called... Mr raiser had KK and the next guy had 88. The turn was a 9d and the river was 4h so I would have finished 10th again... I still believe pushing is the right answer; but at that early stage in the tournament and the fact that I finished last in the previous two... I decided to wait for a better day when I wasn't drawing to win. The good news is that I did end up 2nd in that SNG; but that doesn't really justify the lay down. 9 times out of 10 I am pushing there. So there you have it and there you are.

Also.. you may have noticed that I made some template changes.. One of the things I love with blogs is seeing how others are doing. There are a few bloggers that post their results and I am now joining that crowd. I will be breaking out my month by different categories. I've always wanted to do this for myself and this will make me do it. Before this, I just knew my daily win/loss amount. The numbers I have there presently are not the right ones. I just put some numbers in there.. I will update those on a weekly basis... probably the weekends..

Have a great weekend and....

HOOK 'EM HORNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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GaryC said...

Let's get it on.

I can't wait. I might be eating crow come Monday, but I still think my boys have it in them.

We shall see.


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