Thursday, November 17, 2005

2 Hour Tour

Now sit right back and you will hear a tale...
A tale of fateful session
That started on this poker site.. aboard this virtual table
WillWonka is the playing man...
The fishies are there for sure.
9 players set out that night for a
Two hour tour... A two hour tour...

Ok.. that was gay... and didn't rhyme... but that's ok... I don't know how this is going to work; but I thought I would try it anyway. With my main PC still down, I played the other night at Party for a couple of hours on my laptop... just one tabling it. I thought I would throw out the history of the night and see all the lessons that could be learned.. Here we go... fasten your seat belts... Again, this is played on the Party 15/30 Tables.

1BBA4o-15F to PFR
3ButKQo-30CC PFRFold on 877 Flop
4KJoF to PFR
5K6oFBoard… 66TKT… dang
11BBK2o-15F to PFR
12SB87o-10F to PFR
13ButT7sF to PFR
1432oF to PFR
16KQoF to PFR
20BBK3o-15F to PFR
21KJo-10F to PFR
22Q6oF to PFR
23K2oF to PFR
28BBT9o-30CC PFRFold on 56Q Board
29SBK5s-10F to PFR
31T2oF to PFR
36BBJ4o-15F to PFR
37SBAA132R PFBoard… Q572Q… loose guy called with TT
40KQoF to PFRBoard… 358QT … AQ wins.. Sweet nice decision
43UTG86oF to PFR
44BBQ3s-15F to F Bet
45SBKQo-10F to PFRPFR and 2 callers.. Had odds.. 4K5..K.. 4.. 55 won it.. I would have rivered a bigger boat $322 pot
46But42sF to PFR
47ATsF to PFRTight Fold.. Looser raiser… board.. K4J2… who knows
48KJoF1 limper b4… would have flopped str8 and won big pot… ironically KQ won.
49AJs-135R PFgot 3 betted and called… 689 w/2 of my suit on flop,, I raise on flop … Turn Q.. I bet and get raised River 8.. Checked down QTs wins
53BB96s-15F to PFR
54SB62o-10F to PFR
55But98oF to PFR
5633F to PFR
5772oF to PFR
58AA673 betFolded to my flop bet on board of T6K
62BB87o-15F to PFR
63SB92o-10F to PFR
64ButK5o-60Blind StealLost to 97o… he flopped str8.
65J8sF to PFR
6783sF to PFR
70UTGJJ-90capped9QK flop…I bet and get raised… Turn 3… I fold to turn bet
71BBJ8o-58C PFRloose player PF.. F 8T9 2 clubs.. I bet and get raised all in.. $13 more.. T A… R.. 7c.. I rivered my str8 but lost to AKc for rivered flush
72SB65o-10F to PFR
73ButQJs-61I capped895 flop… I'm all in for my last $1… T J… River.. K… lost to rivered AK… Rebuy!!!!
74JTs127CQ76 flop 2 spades (not my suit).. I bet out and get called… Turn T.. I get check raised.. River A.. Make crying call… My Tens hold up to K9s… wow
75KTs-15CAA5 flop.. Check around.. Turn 5.. I fold to bet (tight fold)…River 8 QJ wins… Dang!!
79BBA3o-15F to PFRsolid player raised
80SB32s-10F to BS
82A3oF to PFR
83KK19cappedloose player allin PF… Q6352 board… river brought flush draw.. Loose player hits flush and beat other guy who called me down who had 88
84T7oF to PFR
85Q7sF to PFR
86UTGAKo52.5R PFQQA flop… PF caller folds to my bet
87BBQJo142C PFR98T flop.. Called flop and check raised T… Turn 9… River 7… beat KK
88SB83s-10F to PFR
93K9sFTight Fold
96BBT3o-15F to PFR
97SBT2o-10F to PFR
102AQoF to PFRAgain Tight fold… but that was gameplan… No flop
106BB94o-15F to PFR
107SB74s-30CQJK Flop.. I bet and get called… T 8… I check and fold
108ButQ6oF to PFR
115UTG22FHigh card won… who knew..
116BBKQo-15F to 3betI'm learning… 88 won.. Would have lost race
117SBT7s-15C449 Flop… checked… Turn 8.. Checked… River K.. Checked.. I lose to J2
118But82sF to PFR
119ATo-105R 1 limperlimper Calls… K96 board.. Limper checks and I bet out.. Turn.. 5 I bet and get called… River K.. I bet and get called and lose to A6o
123AKo11R and get 3 bet395 Board.. I bet and get called.. Turn K.. I bet and get raised.. I 3 bet and get called.. River 2.. I bet and get called… split pot … he also has AK
125BB95o-15F to PFR
126SBT8o-10F to PFR
127But82sFFolded to 2 limpers
128ATo52.5R 1 limperlimper Calls… QT4 board.. Limper checks and folds
129TT38R1 caller… 769 Board… limper check folds
13077-15COnly blinds play… JT6 Board and blinds bet and call… I fold
134BB98o-15CheckQ73 board… checked.. Turn 3.. Checked.. River Q… lose to K4
135SB75o-15CJ6A board… check fold
136But54sF to PFR
137Q8oF to PFR
141UTGAJoFI had AJo in early position… would have lost to Flush… whew.. Nice fold
142BBQTo52C PFRCalled guy who posted in MP.. 98K flop.. Check call.. Turn 2.. Check check.. River T.. I bet and he folds
143SBAQo-45CC PFRK6T board.. Check call… Turn 7.. Check fold.. River Ace… Dang.. KQ wins… too passive preflop
144ButK8oF to PFR
145A4sF to PFR
146A6sF to 3bet
14755-15CA46 Board… check fold
148A4oF to PFR
152BBQTo82C PFRQ2T Board.. Check Call.. Turn 5.. Check raise.. He folds
153SBQ3s-10F to PFR
15683sF to PFR
161BBAQo82C PFRJ6K board… check call… Turn T.. Check check… River 9.. Bet Call… Got lucky… beat AJ.. Serves him right for raising AJo Under the Gun
162SB93o-10F to PFR
163ButA7oF to PFR
166AKs82R2 callers… 484 Board.. I bet … 1 caller.. Turn K..I bet he folds
168UTGJJ4273 bet4 players ...6T4 board..capped.. Turn J.. Capped… River 2.. Capped… Beat TT.. Tough break for him
169BBA8o-15CheckCheck Fold
170SBQ4s-90C8T9 w/ 2 of my suit.. Check and call 2 bets… Turn 2.. Check call… River 3… check fold
171But65oF to PFR
174AA1423 bet2 players.. 8KQ board… he check calls.. Turn 5.. He check calls River.. 5… he check calls with QTs

1st lesson is patience.. I didn't play 26 of the first 27 hands giving me a VPIP of 4%. The hand I did play was the dreaded KQ... I then got a little unpatient and played T9... so I alway struggle with patience as I didn't sit down here to fold.

2nd lesson for me... stay away from tilt.. don't worry that you got rivered 3 times in a relatively short amount of time.. If the table conditions are good... stay and play your gameplan. My gameplan for this session was to stay pretty much with ABC poker as it was a relatively tight table (20% VPIP and 7.5 PFR).

3rd lesson which is definitely a repeat for me... Play aggressively when you play. You'll win some and lose some... but overall you should come out on top... Of course, you have to slow down when it is pretty obviousl that you are beat.

4th lesson which I was proud of was not playing the marginal hands out of position. Don't get caught up when your KQ or KJ wins when you are under the gun... that is rare. This was a focus for me and I believe I saved bunch of bets because of it.

OK.. the summary... What was the end result... I ended up $349 (mostly on the big hand when my set of Jacks beat the set of 10s). here is the rest:

Final VPIP (flop % basically)... 17.5
W$SF (Won $ when seeing flop)... 44.12%
Big Bets/100.. 6.61 BB/hr... 5.97 ($179/hr)
Won at Showdown... 44.12% (a little high)
Won $ at Showdown... 53.33
Preflop Raise... 8.52%
Agression Factor including Preflop... 1.76
Agression Factor not including Preflop... 2.63
Cold Call %.. .57%

Overall, I am pretty happy with those numbers... and since it has been rare I thought I would share them with you. The point being that you can continue to improve as long as you know what to do and execute on what you know... The second part is always the hardest...

Feel free to comment away on some of my donkey plays.... And as always, thanks for stopping by.


cmitch said...

Nice session. It always feels good to have those Aces hold up. :)

Sounds like you were pretty focused and playing the table well.

GaryC said...

Nice recap, Will.

I might have to try that if just to get some others' opinions on my play. Very interesting.

It looks like you and I are playing the same types of hands also.


TripJax said...

Very,very cool the way you put that together. I'd be interested to see more of that...

fairnbalncd said...

Enjoyed that WW. It's nice to see behind the scene's of 15/30.

The KQo coldcall, I'm hoping the call was made in a multiway hand?

The CC with T9o any reads there? I can't see this being +EV either. Thoughts?

cc said...

You should have played hand #5!!

I'm not much of a blind defender, but I've tried to do a bit more depending on the circumstances (either re-raising with second tier hands against continual button loose raiser or calling with pot odds and interesting hands). #45, 87, 143, 161. I actually don't like QTo very much, although I can see the posting player call maybe. Interesting also that you were -$151 on the button. I'm also not a huge blind stealer and will tend to attempt more 1-2 off the button or UTG, but I do wonder what that means.

Also Will, did you have any plan regarding the session and results (specifically, the re-buy), or were you more focused on your approach?

WillWonka said...

Thanks for the comments.. It all helps..

FB.. Yes, the KQ was multi-handed.. that is one thing I will put on the tally if I do this again (how many people in hand).

T9... was bad... hadn't played around 35 of first 36 hands... bad reasoning.

CC.. yes.. I always forget how powerful K6o is.. my bad...

Blind defense is tough... if you are willing to call, you should be willing to raise.. easy in theory... tough in practice.

Typically, I'm not afraid to blind steal... just didn't have chance to with hands that I would be willing to do that with.

My plan going into the session was to play for 2 hours.. for better or worse... as long as playing conditions didn't deteriorate.

cc said...

Yep, I'm trying to work more toward having an established plan pre-session, although I think I need to formalize it a bit more with specific goals and parameters.

One interesting question that I'm starting to struggle with (may be too strong a word, struggle). For poker, how much of it is about excitement, how much about learning a skill/decision making, how much is about success/financial, how much is about moving up, how much is about waiting for the monster. I played more NL than I normally do, and my stereotype observation is that it's alot more about waiting for the monster (either being taken down by the monster or catching the monster). Anyways, this isn't meant as "What is the meaning of life;" maybe, "What is the meaning of poker?" I'll work on mine, yours would be helpful.

PokerSweetHome said...

Hi Will,

I've been lurking on your blog for a while. Highly entertaining and some great poker content too! Keep up the good work.
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