Friday, April 14, 2006

Walking STRAIGHT down to victory lane

Well, last night was the eagerly anticipated HU3 championship match between myself and FishyMcDonk. Well, at leat eagerly anticipated by FishyMcDonk and myself. Anyway, the agreed upon time was 8PM Central and guess who was a no show... Yep, you guessed it... Mr Wonka. For some reason, time schedules mean nothing to a 2 year old.... and of course, she always gets her way... OK, almost always. Anyway, I was a couple of minutes late and the first set up tourney was already cancelled.... but their was a blogger tourney going on in the lounge. McDonk was already playing so I joined in as well. Things actually went pretty well as I moved up to the top after the break; but I went from first to out in just a few hands...I was in the SB with KQs and open raised the BB (Smokkee) and he went all in... I called and he showed K9s... Everything was looking OK until the 9 on the river... dang... the rest was a blur... Smokkee, at last check, made it to the final 3.. I hope he put my chips to good work.

Back to HU3.. Finally, at 8:30, the match was on. As my usual track history of HU matches, this one ended pretty quickly. I don't remember the all the details; but a Q on the turn gave me a straight and gave him top pair.. He called my all in and game 1 was in the books.

Game 2 was a completely different story. First off, I was behind from the get go. I didn't have the best of cards; but that is no excuse when playing HU. You start with 1500 chips and I found myself under 750 a few times; but kept battling back to even... then I find myself down to a little under 400.. and still made it back... Fishy kept the pressure on as any good HU player does. Finally, the blinds are getting up there as we have been playing at least 30 minutes.. I flop middle pair T.. and raised him (I think)... he put all in and I knew I was behind; but I was down under 400 again so all I could do was hope that I could suck out... so I called.. sure enough he had top pair. The turn and river did bring improvement... but not to me so Fishy gets round 2. Very well played Fishy..

Meanwhile, the other bloggers are having a grand ole time in the lounge.. something about dial a shots with Al Can't Hang and Iggy and Tripjax... a variable whos who was in the lounge... I broke in to ask 3 Jacks to set us up a new private Tourney... and of course he did... but he failed to give us the password... I finally got it out of him and Game 3 was on...

This was back to the typical quick game.... Fishy flopped trips with his 62o. He slow played (as almost anybody would... including myself); but I was lucky enough to get my straight on the river and he called my all in... Whoop, there it is... we have a winner.

First off, I would like to thank the academy, my mother and father... (insert record scratching sound)... wait.. this is not the Academy Awards... However, I do owe thanks to all the bloggers (32 of them) that made this challenge a great success.. I would also like to thank the Poison for organizing everything.. Great Job!!!

It was certainly nice to get something positive in the midst of a brutal downswing. I haven't played a ring game all week... I've played some SNGs with some success.. It's good for me to switch things around every once in a while. I won't be playing much over the next week as I have a home game tonight and I am off to the Great White North (Toronto) next week on business.



Veneno said...

Congratulations Willy!

You have been a force to recon with during this entire HUC3 event. Job Well Done!

Hey, I think I was in that chat tooo...What I'm not good enough to mention with Al, Iggy, and Trip?

I will send your prize of $240 this morning. Please catch me on IM to help select your Card Protector prize.

Lastly, let me know when you are available for your game with Iggy.

Have a great vacation!

presidentdavelee said...

Congrats on the win!!

ScurvyDog said...

Nice work, sir. Congrats.

Jestocost said...

Most excellent.

Score another one for the St. Louis blogger community.

The Professor said...

Congrats, Will!

Please blog the highlights of tonight's home game. I hate missing it, and I look forward to reading all about it

Blinders said...

Congrats! Glad to see someone from my opening bracket win it. Makes me think if I was not out in the first three hands of my opening match I could have won it like you.

Ingoal said...


FishyMcDonk said...

Well played. Congrats.

Fluffer said...

Congratulations WillWonka!!! Our day is coming for a HUC of our own.

drewspop said...

Nice job WW. Congrats.

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