Wednesday, April 19, 2006


So I'm up here in the great white north with nothing to do this particular evening.... so what do I do? Play poker of course.. but after an hour... I've had enough... I didn't play particularly bad or good making about $106; but I just didn't feel like playing. Mrs Wonka thought I must be sick... maybe so.. but just in the head. It is amazing what a bad run will do to your enthusiasm. I have done OK over the last 5 days netting around $600.

So what do I do... I turn on the tube and flip for a while and I keep end up on UFC fighting. Part of me says to keep flipping; but I keep going back. Having not watched much UFC, it is pretty amazing in both a good way and a bad way. I've always been a boxing fan so I like the fight aspect of the game... give me a good knock out punch and I'm impressed... but the part that gets me is that go in for the kill after the knock out punch... The guy is laying on the ground and the other guy pounces on him and gives him a few more punches before it is typically stopped by the official. I don't know if I could ever be a real fan with the kneeing, kicking and all the other stuff.. but i just kept drawing me in.

I played in my monthly home game last weekend. The normal players were there (Wonka, Fluff, Mick, Kip, The Force and IceMan).... notably missing was Bud as he said that he forgot about the game... lame... Also notably missing was the professor as he had the nerver to move away. We all commented that the game just wasn't the same without him. The game started off pretty slowing with most raises being respected. Mick was the early leader and he took many early pots... Fluff and Wonka made comebacks toward the middle portion and eventually it ended up with the three of us.. I was way short stacked but made a pretty good comeback but then overplayed middle pair and didn't have the cajonas to push on the river.. I went out later when I pushed with the powerful T6s.. Mick who had been folding to all raises had an easy call with AJo and he put me out. Heads up went back and forth and the final two hands were pretty interesting. The next to last hand had them both going all in. Fluff with A9 and Mick with something like A6.. The board cards came and Fluff started celebrating a victory... but the dealer (yours truly) had to break the news that the had was a push... Doh!!!! Anyway, the next hand the chips got all in with Mick holding AK and Fluff with A9 (I think).... Nobody improved... uh, well at least until the river (again I think) when the 9 came and Fluff took down the victory.

We'll see how the rest of the week goes. I will remain busy with work.


The Professor said...

Hoe's it goin', eh? In the hometown of Daniel "Kid Poker" Negreanu as the NHL playoffs are about to begin, things could be worse for you. Thanks for the report on the home game and congrats to Fluff for being the first of of us to crack the four victory mark. I had it in my grasp before I left but Mr. Free had other ideas.

I miss my poker buddies and I appreciate the blog. By the way, someone (methinks a blood relative) needs to talk to Bud about his priorites -- missing poker, indeed!

pokerpeaker said...

Where the hell are you? Post, dammit, post!!!

littleacornman said...

It can't be that busy at that the chocolate factory! Where are you Will?!!

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