Sunday, April 02, 2006

A Fine Line

Boy, it is surely a fine line between winning and losing... especially playing limit poker. My March stats were not too impressive so I decided to take one last shot to get it back to something reasonable. I knew going into this that including my rakeback from ThisIsTheNuts, I was going to barely be positive for the month... but my ring game stats were way down. So I decided to head to the Party 10/20 tables. The plan was to lay low and not play crazy... Well, one thing lead to another and I had another terrible night... down $884.... so netted with the rakeback it was a $279 loss for the day which isn't terrible; but indeed left me negative for the month.. stats posted over on the right.

It just takes your Aces holding up instead of seeing a 2 for a rivered set against 22. It just takes some of your draws to hit.. And the one that really hurts is when you hit your money card only to find it is a bigger money card for your opponent.

So what do I do last night... yep.. head back to the 10/20 tables and yep, I get stuck early again... This time flopping K high flush only to lose to Ace when the board has 4 of my suit. I was down around $500 and made it back to plus $71 and just quit after 239 hands. The original plan was to play 200 hands anyway. As we all know, the play is just as bad as that level but the swings are way more noticeable. Like somebody said recently and I don't remember who it was; but when asked what the difference between the lower levels and the higher levels.. the answer was the color of the chips. For the most part, that is very true.

I have more on my mind; but will have to cut it short... the new job is keeping me plenty busy these days..

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Anonymous said...

Will, hopefully the new job is going well. I too know that the difference between a positive and negative session is all in the cards. Flopped nut flush, push all-in only to lose to a boat. Oh well, that's poker.


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