Monday, April 10, 2006

When are Pocket Pairs Bad?

My brutal run continues... I played just 65 hands yesterday and lost $745 playing 10/20. so I ask... when are Pocket Pairs Bad? Let's take a look at few of the hands from yesterday:

-25 on first 6 hands... no big deal... just blinds
next hand Q3s in SB... I call and get flush draw that doesn't hit...-70
lose next BB -10
AJ in SB with J on board... -50... lose to AA and KK... I got out fairly early on this one as it became obvious.
QJ on button... +38
63s in BB... call raise and fold to bet.-20
lose sb.. -5
98s in cutoff.. flop a 9.... lose to JJ -90
AJ in bb.. board is all low cards... lose to QQ -68
AQs in sb.. give up after turn as there is monster betting and raising-70
lose sb.. -5
A2 in bb.. all small cards including 2.. since he raised preflop I was hoping that he just had 2 big cards so I pushed a bit... well he did have 2 big cards... unfortunately, they were the same big cards... QQ -110
lose sb... -5.... are we noticing a trend yet.
lose nex bb... -10
KTo in sb... call raise and flop... -30
lose next bb... -10
win blinds... with A9 +18
lose next bb -10
win blinds.. A3... +19
lose blinds... -15
win blinds from bb.. +9
lose with A3s.. -30
Headsup now... lose with 76o... -20
misc hu play.. +62
3 handed.. lose with 22 on river.. -30
win with 72o.. how about that... +29
lose sb... -5
lose blinds... -15
This one hurt the most... playing aginst 60%er... lose with ATo on 222T6 board... to A2... -130
lost with A6o to same 60% with 6 on board... to 88

So to answer you... when are pocket pairs bad.... When YOU don't have them. So the bankroll has suffered over the past few weeks... I'm probably moving back down again...

There is good news, I guess..

I did play my semi final round of the HU3.. against the Suckout Artiste. Just as an aside... My HU matches typically don't last very long... mostly due to my aggressiveness.. and that was the case with the first match... the bad news was I drew the small straw on that one... I don't remember the particulars... Next match was also fairly quick.. I don't remember much although the last hand was my AK against his A9... 2 Kings on flop sealed the deal.. The third match, however, was not short.... Last hand number I remember was around 140... It was a very up and down match... but fortunately, I came out on top... the final hand, I had ATs... hit my flush on Turn and he hit his straight on river... I put a huge overbet out there and he called and that was that... It was a very good match and I can see why he made it to the semis.... Very good playing.. At the end, I was just more lucky.

So there you have it and there you are....

Have a good week!!!!


L'artiste said...

It was some good playing indeed. Good luck again in the finals!

As far as dropping down limits, good idea. Never let the human ego come ahead of the bankroll. Drop down for a hot minute, lick your wounds and come back stronger than ever.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Congrats on your performance in the HU Challenge, WW. Winning a bunch of hu matches in sequence is no easy task, especially ones that last well into the hundred-plus hands like your last one did.

Good luck in your next matchup. Post on your blog when it's going to be so we can rail if we're around.

HighOnPoker said...

Wonka, I hope you realize that you represent the original HUC1 competitors in the HUC3. Therefore, you MUST win. Understand this. MUST. No pressure though.

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