Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Another Pet Peeve

I posted earlier in the week about what puts you on tilt. Well, I forgot something that doesn't necessarily put me on tilt; but makes me the maddest. You know, if you could just put your hand through the monitor and wring the guys neck. Here's the situation. Playing in a SNG. Not big stakes or anything so it is anything goes. I get AJo on the button. MP limper and I raise 3-4x. Flop comes 4J8. MP puts a bet out there in which I raise. Turn comes 8 and he checks.. I go all in. This guy had a history of calling down to the river and then folding. I didn't want him to draw out on me so I decide to go all in with top pair. He waits about 10 seconds and then turns over 88 for quads. I don't think there is anything else I hate worse in poker than people who slow roll their made hands. It's kind of like:

-Sitting at home plate and watching your home run if you are a major leaguer.
-Celebrating anything in football other than a touchdown.. such as a QB sack when your team is down by 3 scores
-Shooting 3 pointers when you have a 30 pt lead
-taking walks in softball when your team is up 15

Yeah, kind of like that.

Now, I rarely say anything; but when he turned over his quads, I simply said...
Nice slow roll pal.....
He says... go back to your chocolate factory..
(ok funny enough.. but I wasn't going to give him anything) Did you have to think about that call?
He says.. I did it on purpose to piss you off.... it worked...
I said... not really... over it now... nh... and gl to you..

Showboating just doesn't have a place in sports; but what can you do? It is what it is.

I do have to admit I got a pretty nice chuckle when a few hands later his QQ got beat by a rivered flush. He didn't have much to say that time.

Anyway.. another abbreviated session as I just wanted to make my required hands for the Iron Man Challenge at Full Tilt. I did that plus a few more playing 248 hands. It was another winning session; albeit another small one at $75. Again, I am happy with a winning session and playing a little tighter while I work through it. I played 1.27 hours so if I can't be happy with a $60/hr win rate then maybe I am just getting a little greedy.

I also tried my hand at the Full Tilt 12.5K gurantee with 979 others. I was holding my own through the first hour and a half at just above average most of the way. Made a bad read and came over the top of somebody with my middle pair. He did have top pair with a weak kicker but called. That pretty much crippled me. I went all in from the cutoff with 33 only to run into the SB who went all in and the BB went over the top all in... Oops... SB turned over AQ.. hmm I have a chance... but BB turned over QQ and took it down. Dang!!!! I went out in 200th.

Have a nice day!!!


cmitch said...

I despise slow rollers. I was playing in a live home game WSOP sub-qualifier last year (winner take all $1k). The blinds were incredibly high and we were 3 handed. You pretty much had to go all in or fold. I went all in from the SB and the guy in the BB thinks for a while and says, "This is probably the toughest call of my life" as he flips over aces. I nearly sucked out on him after flopping a pair, flush and straight draw. (would have been justice) I am right there with you on the slow rolling thing.

Worst part about it is the guy didn't even realize what a jack ass move it was until everyone got on his case about it. He was apologizing to me for weeks about it.

Fluffer said...

I have to agree on slow playing the nut hand like that. I particularly liked the softball reference.

OK, here is my question, want to hear your advice or any others.

Playing an SNG - I am UTG, 8 players I have a medium chip stack, $2200, blinds are 50/100. I have pocket 7's, mp raises to 300, 2 callers, button and BB. Flop is 999. BB checks, I bet a little over 50% of the pot. The initial raiser reraises me the minimum amount. Everyone else folds. What do I do? What would you do?

If I call, this nearly puts me all in so I either go all in or fold. I used my time bank and I ............ fold. I am convinced he had an over pair. He was a good player, not real tight, but not loose either. He seemed to play straight up. Thoughts???

pokerpeaker said...

The softball thing was very funny because last night a GUY did that very thing in a softball game, his team was trouncing us by 9 runs and he stood with the bat on his shoulder and looked at four pitches, one strike and three balls maybe a fly's ass off the plate.
NP, sir.

Chocolate factory. (Laughs like Butthead)

WillWonka said...

Fluff... I probably fold if your read on this guy is pretty straight up. Minimum raise is a little suspect... little means big, right? But in this case, it is not real little...

TripJax said...

slow rollers are assholes. the only exception is if there connection is shoddy, and it was not on purpose. but if the connection has been fine and suddenly they are slow rolling you, that is bad...

HighOnPoker said...

Sorry I slow rolled ya, Willy, but I was trying to put you on tilt. I keed, of course. No chance it was me, or I woulda showed and typed, "Dems Quads Beeches".

So, Willy, I've been thinking. Remember when you used to play almost only SNGs? Well, I see you are playing them again, but why not go back to focusing on SNGs. Or maybe even try Omaha or a different game. Sometimes changing the game can change your mindset about the game. I'm sure most of us would agree that if you go in with a bad taste in your mouth, winning is a lot harder.

On that same token, I've been watching your grueling struggle, and let me just say that I know how good you are. I still would back you over most people in a game.

So, shake it up. Try a new site even. Or get on the yahoo girlie chat thing and play an SNG or 7 with me, so we can futz around and enjoy the game.

cc said...

Claw, man keep clawing and scrambling.

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