Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What Puts you on Tilt

For the most part, I am tilt free. I may get mad and throw something or yell at the monitor; but for the most part, I am good to go when the next hand comes along; but is there anything that you say over and over that just completely gets under you skin? I have one; but as usual, I ain't telling yet. Let's try to think of the things that makes steam come out of our ears...

How about the guy who sees any and all flops. Yes, the 80% who comes to play. Inevitably, this guy will be hitting everything with things like 83o, J5s, etc... but when you have a hand, Mr 80% happens to be dealt Aces... Yes, that happen to me tonight... but that's not what eats my craw.. I just grin and bear it.

How about the guy who plays any suited cards. Who cares that he is UTG and has 94s. Who cares that you have AK and hit K on flop only to lose to the flush on the river. Yes, that happened to me tonight; but again, that doesn't boil my bunyans. Yes, I want to play against these guys...(he says while he grinds his teeth). Afterall, we beat these guys in the long run. I just wish somebody would be define the long run.

How about when the BB specials hit against you. When that T6 hits the second pair on the river to beat your overpair. Yes, that happened to me tonight; but that it is not what defrosts my freezer. Afterall, we all hit the BB specials. That's poker.

How about the maniac that will play anything and hits his runner, runner gutshot straight on river to crack your un-golden set. Yes, that happened to me tonight and that IS the thing that makes me want to jump out the window. Albeit, I am down at the 3/6 levels these days while I work past my down time; but this is certainly not unique to 3/6 as I've seen it over and over in 15/30 games.

So what is it that sets you off (if anything)? While I mentioned hitting gutshots as my cryptonite to being tilt proof, this happening once in a while doesn't really effect me. It is just when you couple it with others and have a consecutive gut shots hit against you that just roasts my rooster tails. Again, I'm able to gain composure pretty quickly and recover.


I want to thank the comments in my last post. It really does help. Anything that people can see that I might be doing helps. I do usually have some kind of rhyme or reason to why I do things; but as we all know, I can be way off in left field sometimes.

Another amazing night tonight; but at least I finished break even for the night which feels a lot better. The night started with my very first hand being AK... I get A on flop and play it only to lose to AJ who spiked his J on the river. All I can say to myself is here we go again.

I can definitely see the more timid play in my game as here are my stats from the night:

512 Hands
25.00 VPIP
9.38 PFR
2.35 AF
.46 bb/100

I will say that I did not get a ton of premium hands which did keep my VPIP down. Also, I will say that I have cut down a lot of blind steals and blind defenses for the short term. This will have a direct impact on my success; but should also lessen the swings which is what the doctor ordered right now.

Funny thing tonight, I had Q2o on all 4 tables at the same time tonight right at the beginning of my session. Of course, I folded them all.

There have been some nice posts over at 92offsuit. They are having some interesting preflop scenarios conversations that are worth a look. As usual, I am way off in my reads. Not so bad today, though.


I would like to finish out my table from last night. We left off with me being down 16.5BB after just 37 hands.

Again, any help or comments would be greatly appreciated...


42BBK5o-27CH3 PL see 62K.. I check raise maniac (78%).. He 3bets, I cap.. Turn Q.. I bet he raises and I call.. River 4.. I check call and lose to K6o. I always struggle when to believe a maniac.
43SB75o-3CallAll 5 see flop of 2K8.. I check fold
44ButAJo-9Open RBoth Blnds Call and see Q4T flop.. SB leads out and we both call… Turn T.. Checked around River..2c which brings flush draw.. Checked around and BB wins with Q9o. SB had K9s.. 49% fav preflop.. Oh well
45UTG+1A4s-3CallJust Call and fold to bet on J6T flop
47BBJ9o-3CH3PL.. And fold to Turn bet on A62K board
48SB98o-12Call3PL..TJJ Flop.. Check Call.Turn 5.. Ch Call.. River. 8 Check Check.. Lose to T2s (BB)
51UTGAKs12.5Open R3PL.. 9A6 board.. Bet.. 2 Callers.. Turn 4. Bet and both fold
52BBATo-3CHAll 5 see flop of K69.. Checked around to see Turn of 2h.. UTG (Aqo) leads out, I and 2 other fold.. River is 9h.. SB wins with 88.. No need to get jiggy perflop with 4 limpers
53SB62o-42CallAgain all 5 see flop of 6c7c6d. I check. Maniac from above leads out and gets 3 callers.. Turn Js.. I check raise.. Maniac 3bets and I cap… River Ks.. I bet an call raise and lose to JJ. Maniac limped with JJ and it worked.. Thoughts????
54ButAQo15Open RWin small pot on 577Q7 board… only maniac sticks around
58BBT4oF PFRNote.. Maniac with 93s from button calls PFR and beats Q8 and and AQ on board of 77K84 with rivered flush
59SB85o-9CallBB raises and I call see flop of 246.. 4 PL.. Turn 2h.. I check fold
61CutKJs-18R2 callers.. Flop K24. Maniac bets out and I raise he calls.. Turn.. 2. I bet he calls.. River T.. He calls my bet with T2o for a runner runner boat and again did not raise. He might feel sorry for me at this point
64BB75o-9Call RUTG (25/13) raise and I call along with maniac. Defending blind. Flop of J96. I call bet.. I fold to Turn bet
65SBK3s-30Call4PL… Flop 6hJhAs (I have hearts)..I lead out and get raised by BB.. 2 callers and I 3bet.. All call. Turn 8s.. I lead and get raised again… LAG (64/16) calls and I again 3 bet.. River Ts.. I give up and check fold… BB loses with Ac8c to LAG who has 76s... Overplayed???? I can't call river can I???
66ButA8o-11.5Open RDidn't get Rebuy in time before flop… only BB calls to see 67Q flop.. I'm all in on turn and lose to QJo
68UTGQToFOnly 4 players now
69BBT9oCH2 PL.. Flop Q35. Check Check.. Turn 2d Check fold.. I'm gunshy.
70SBTT-24RManiac limps I raise and BB calls.. To see flop of 9sQs6s (I have spade) I lead out and get raised and I 3 bet… Turn Qc. I again lead out and call raise.. River Js.. I check call and lose to Qh9h.. Can I get away from this?
74BBT2o-3CH4PL. See flop of K6T.. I check fold to bet and call.. Maniac ends up losing with K7 to new LAG who has K6
75SB63s-18Call4 PL see flop of 399 I bet out and get called by button… Turn Kc giving me flush draw.. I bet out and get called by new 55%er.. River Jh.. I bet and get called by A3s
76But88-3only $3 left.. Call it a night on this table.. Down 55BB

Thanks and have a good night..


cc said...

#42: Brutal; probably no need to check/raise the flop (might be indicative of overall funk, trying to get cute when you hit something; better to bet and see immediately where you are)
#45 & 46: Indicative of being beaten down; probably good moves
#53: I think we have to respect maniac's play as he zigs when he should zag; obviously no one is going to put him on an overpair, but he'll get paid off often as well as can get away from scary board. Brutal, brutal hand.
#61: I don't think he feels sorry for you, he puts you on K2o as he's figuring he would play K2o all day long.
#64: Bad
#70: I probably get away from this fairly frequently in full-ring, although your read comes into play probably. Again, indicative of a bad run
#75: Typical during bad run

The short-handed component of this also factors into the big swings obviously. Having read all of this, I agree with you that there is alot of risk of getting away from the fundamentals as in golf or baseball. I think it's very positive and healthy that you're diving into analysis of the sessions, but you should also look at the break even sessions and the slightly up sessions during this bad run. I'm finding they yield some further secrets of bad decision making on my part. Finally, the maniac. I get so laser focused on the maniac that I often let it affect my play. I don't know if that's the case with you as well but food for thought.

Jestocost said...

For the most part, I put myself on tilt by making bad decisions, which leads to more bad decisions and more tilt. It doesn't happen often, although it did last night. What's worse, I knew it at the time and didn't have the self-control to stop myself. Pretty pathetic.

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