Thursday, May 18, 2006

Change up

OK... Ring play is not cutting it so I decided to play in a Full Tilt 17K (I think) guarantee tonight... you know to change things up. I've been running so bad that it couldn't hurt... Just changed to 2nd blind level. I've only played one hand and folded it on the flop. This time I get AK and it is 5 players in a 4x raised pot. Flop comes AA7. Nice!!!! Let's slow play this... what's that? EP is going all in... cool... I call... uh oh.. player after me moves all in as well.... no other callers... First guy has AJ... cool.... second player 77... IGHN... And the hits just keep coming and coming..

By the way, I was playing ring play. You didn't think I'd really not play, right? I have 8 more days to qualify for the Full Tilt IronMan Iron Level Freeroll. Anyway, doing ok... But right when I busted out of tournament; my luck went back to where it had been the last 2 months.

AK on K high board loses to rivered flush... AQ on Q52 board loses to 55.. J8s on 63J58 loses to 33.. 77 button steal on 56J59 board loses to 54.. J4 in BB on JJ7T5 board loses to 98... so just like that I go from up 10BB to down 10BB; but somehow I managed to eek out a $150 winning night less my $26 tourney buy in. That feels like 1 million dollars now... That is actually 2 winning sessions in a row... OK, the first one was only $14... buy hey.. I'll take it.

It also looks like I'm averaging about 10-12 dollars/hr in rakeback. That will certainly help pad some of the losses. Again, if you are not getting paid to play, I encourage you to take a look at ThisIsTheNuts. Just click the link or the banner over on the right. It is definitely worth it as I have made almost $500 so far this month which works out to be $12.58/hr. It really does help.


The only thing worse than going through a bad streak is when you see your other blogging buddies going through similar bad streaks. CC over at Quest of a Closet Poker Player is going through a similar streak. Well, CSquared, let's hope we have found that bottom. I'm hoping I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel... hopefully, it's not a train.


I wanted pimp 92offfsuit one more time as they have been putting out some nice thought provoking Poker Theory questions... Things on hand examples in defending blinds... missing flops... preflop situations.. The comments have dropped lately and would love to see other peoples take on these situations.


Home poker game tonight and I will be debuting my new HU3 card protector compliments of the Poison. Thanks again V... and when is HU4?


cc said...

Thanks for the shoutout. You'll have to come by as my post dealt with some analysis of the specifics. May or may not be helpful for both of us, and for sure I'd be interested in any further thoughts you might have. Hope we're both seeing the light for sure. Have a good weekend.

Bullajami said...

Glad you are posting again - I love reading your stuff. I, too, am having a helluva bad run. While misery loves company, I hope yours relents soon. (Mine, too!)

Happy Flopping!

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